IITA, Washington varsity partner to tackle hunger, youth unemployment –


International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, Ibadan. (MITSY)

The International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITE) and the University of Washington in St. Louis (WUSL) are exploring possible areas of cooperation to combat poverty, hunger and unemployment among young people in Africa.

The plan is to use the strengths and experience of these two institutions to solve annoying constraints for the development of the continent.

The decision on the joint approach was made during the visit of the Director General of IITA Dr. Nteranye Singeng to WUSTL, where he met with the leadership of the University in the United States.

During the visit, Sanginga held strategic meetings and discussions with Daniel Bentt, director of the Olin Business School Experimental Training Center; James Verve, director of the International Academy of Scientists McDonnell; Kurt Dirks, Vice Chancellor for International Affairs; Himadi Prakrasi, from Plant Science; Benjamin Ola Akande, Chancellor's adviser and director of the African Initiative; and Chancellor Mark S. Wrightson.

Located in St. Louis, WUSTL prides itself on being the world's leader in teaching, research, patient care and community service. The university seeks to learn and explore, to discovery and impact.

On the other hand, IITA has a headquarters in Nigeria with centers in Eastern, Western, Central and Southern Africa.

A member of the CGIAR, IITA is the largest international agricultural research center in Africa, committed to the transformation of Africa's agriculture and food security, using the capabilities of science and technology.

Sanginga said: "IITA is pleased to collaborate with Washington University in St. Louis in addressing global problems."

In addition to the broader context of poverty, hunger and unemployment, the two institutions will focus on some specific areas, such as involving youth in agribusiness, linking nutrition and public health, and using WUSTL's ongoing work on health and strength in medicine on the continent.

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