How to solve Nigeria’s unemployment problem


Former President Olusegun Obasanjo called for job creation for young people, especially in the agricultural sector, to tackle unemployment in Nigeria.

Mr. Obasanjo gave advice on Thursday, speaking about the topic “Unemployment in Nigeria: way out” at the job fair at Obafemi Avolovo University, Ile-Ife.

He said that there are jobs across the country, especially in agribusiness.

“As the only business man in the agricultural business, I found excellent jobs in agriculture,” Obasanjo said. who manages farms throughout the country since 1979.

His farm in Ota, Ogun, one of the largest in Nigeria, produces a variety of poultry, livestock and food.

One of his farms was among 16 enterprises. malfunction last month, the Oyo State government defaulted on the environmental project fee.

In his address to students at the fair on Thursday, Mr. Obasanjo said that the only problem is that Nigerians have not yet discovered agricultural opportunities, since the system does not seem to encourage a platform for young people.

He stressed that the realities of the 21st century, Nigeria can not do away with agriculture.

“This means that it is very important that we begin to open up huge opportunities in agriculture, passionately encompassing agriculture,” he said.

Several companies at the event, including Julius Berger Nig. PLC, Portion Consult and Brick House Building Company LLC offered participants such opportunities as CV checking, consultations and other jobs.

OAU Vice-Chancellor, Aytuop Ogunboded, in his speech, called the unfortunate current system in Nigeria, which is not able to provide jobs for young people.

“The university’s curriculum is currently being developed to bridge this gap,” he said.

“And this happens through the various seminars that the university has organized and hosted to ensure that any courses that each student offered on this campus can equip them for current tasks,” he said.

Mr. Ogunbodede, a professor of dental health, said that the goal of the university is that students can stand on their own and earn a decent life after school.

He said that several organizations are working with the university to achieve this goal of creating jobs.

Mr. Obasanjo declined to comment on the current political issues in the country and avoided the entertainment questions of journalists at the event.

PREMIUM TIMES previously reported that he held a private meeting with his former vice-president, who appeared on Sunday as a presidential candidate of the Democratic Party of Peoples in the elections in 2019, Atiku Abubakar.

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