How to Produce Soybean Powder


Soybean is one of the foods that are rich in protein. Many things can be extracted from it. Things like oil, adhesive substances, etc.
Without much processing of soybean to get all these and more, we can eat the whole soybean when cooked, fried or even roasted. On this post, we will see how you can easily make soybean powder which is used as sweetener with pap or taken in the same way tea or coffee is taken.


             •  Get the soybean according to the quantity you want to try out. I prefer you take something like 1kg or less of soybeans and try it out

• Remove all foreign materials present in the soybeans. Examples: sand, gravels, sticks or even the soybean seed-shell. You can achieve this by hand picking

             • Get a frying pot ready. This time, you don’t need oil or water. So get rid of any trace of oil or water. The size of frying pot you have will determine how many times you are going to pour in or out soybeans

Preparation of soya flour manually.
Preparation of soya flour manually.

         • Set up the fire and get the pot heated. Then pour some of the soybeans. The amount you will pour in there depends on the size of the pot you have. Keep stirring and observe the change in colour. From the soybean colour to something like charcoal

• You will hear a kind of popping sounds in the pot. As this point, try to check if they have dried up by using your hand to crack the beans. If crack and the inner content are so dry then be ready to get the pot down. When you notice that almost all is dry. Get the pot down

           • Use can use small chaff remover to remove the dry chaff of the soybean. You can equally use hand to remove the dry chaff. Any means good for you; you can use but be sure that you didn’t pieces everything in the inner content

         • After you have removed the chaff, grind the soybean to a very fine powder.

           • Use sieving net or cloth to get the very fine powder and pour out the residue

           • You can now store this in containers for future use if need be.

I hope this will help you to make your own soybean powder. You can read up other related posts or make comment below if you have any question or need clarification in any step. Thanks for reading this posts

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