How to become successful in Snail Farming Business


Did you know that snails are the most prolific livestock animal producing more than 150 eggs at a time in one clutch? It’s also the livestock that requires less stress in breeding them. You can buy a baby snail for less than N30 and make more than N200 as profit on such snail when it reaches table size.

The prolific aspect is that you can decide to breed 4 snails and before a year runs out you will have more than a thousand snails in your snail farm.

So let me take you into the commercial and medicinal/ nutritional value of snails.

Introduction to Snail Farming

Snails are derived from the wild life environment and are used as food, feed or source of revenue in given parts of the world. Usually unknown to animal production specialists and often officially ignored also by the livestock services of their home areas even though their meat may be appreciated and command a higher
price than more conventional animals.

A standard snail farm that produces millions for the investor.
A standard snail farm that produces millions for the investor.

Snails are invertebrates with soft bodies covered with hard carcareous shells. More also snails are hermaphrodites i.e. they are capable of reproducing on their own without any form of mating with a female or male gamete.

Snails are often found lying around in bushes across West Africa, even till recent days but there as been significant change in finding them now lying in bushes due to heavy deforestation. We can easily find them in bushes during the wet season, normally from April-September in large quantities.

Now some farmers found it as a lucrative livestock and they adopted it and started rearing them. This process is known as “Heliculture”.

Snails do not require much money in feeding them as their food is naturally available in form of green leaves and some fruits.

Nutritional/Medicinal Value of Snail
Snail meat is high in protein than that of pig, poultry, fish cattle, sheep and swine. Iron content (45-59mg/kg), low in fat (0.05-0.08). and contains almost all the amino acids needed for human nutrition. Recent studies indicated that the glandular substances from edible snails cause agglutination of some of certain bacteria, which could be of value against a variety of ailments. You can read more on the medicinal value of snail in this ebook and how it can be used to combat some body illness of human including whooping cough, anemia.

Consumption of snail globally:

There is a flourishing international trade of snails in Europe and North America. In France the annual requirement is about 5million kg; 60% of which is imported. The estimated annual consumption in Italy is 306million snails. In West Africa snail meat has traditionally been a major ingredient in the diet of people living in the Cote d’Ivoire, Nigeria, Ghana and Cameroon.

In spite of the considerable external and demand, commercial snail farms such as those in Europe, South-East Asia and the Americas do not exist in West Africa. Here in West Africa snails are gathered from the forest.

Demand for snail meat in Nigeria:

Snail farming is one of the most lucrative farming Venture anyone can embark on in Nigeria. It is far easier than any other animal rearing business and twice more profitable too.

Snails are real source of wealth and the great thing about snail is that, its in high demand. If you have good quality of snails, hotel and eateries will literally queue on door for it because it is used for making very high priced nutritious delicacies.

Sadly, Nigerians are inclined to go into business that carry so much noise and bells, thereby neglecting such lucrative area of business like snail farming; in Nigeria which can as well be exported to international countries and earn huge foreign currencies.

How Much Can I Earn Doing Snail Business?

Let’s see what this Nigerian business man “Ismail Abdul Azeez” who happens to be in the snail farming business has to say about earning from breeding snails.

So lets comeback to business. How much can I earn from snail farm business?

To start up with, you can spend N100,000 depending on how large you are willing to go about it but if you don’t have enough capital you can also start up the business, provided, the ways by which you can start up with little or no capital in this ebook.

A standard snail farm that produces millions for the investor.
A standard snail farm that produces millions for the investor.

Snails are highly prolific in nature which can produce 100-400 eggs in one clutch twice a year.

If you produce 500,000 snails that sells for N50 each (wholesale price, but you can sell at your own convenient amount) you will be making N50 X 500,000 = N25,000,000 yearly or once in two years! Even if you don’t produce up to that, Lets say you are able to produce just 100,000 snails, you will still make N50 X 100, 000 = N5,000,000.

Merits of Snail Farming In Nigeria

•  Snail farming in Nigeria is relatively new as a result the earlier an investor goes into it the brighter his prospects of making even higher gains and establishing himself.

• Snail farming requires far less capital investment, while much profit is being generated in a considerable short period.

• Snail farming has lower risk compared to other livestock farming, once you are able to set up your farm using the techniques in this e-book you are good to go.

• The demand for snail is higher than the supplies as such the market potential of snail is inexhaustible, locally and internationally.

• Virtually every part of snail is of vital use in food, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and fishing industries. Nothing is wasted in snail!

• Snail is an export commodity, which has value next to gold in overseas countries. It is a huge foreign exchange income earner for Nigerians.

• Snail farming in Nigeria requires small capital and the running cost is very low since their feeds are local and natural.

• Nigeria climate is one of the best for snail breeding.

• You can conveniently earn income a thousand fold higher than your present earning and still keep your present job and do this on part-time, since it doesn’t require much time.

• Snail farming requires no stress, no odor, noise and no irritation.


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