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Packed pepper Nsukka

Perhaps coal could dry out on the once noisy mines in Enugu. Unlike the coal mining era, current activities do not require studying claustrophobic, cavernous tunnels dug deep into the bowels of the earth to unravel; they occur right on the surface of the earth. Activities involve the addition of agricultural value.

He visited Vice President Emi Osinbaggio in the state during a recent Medium and Medium Business Clinic (MSME Clinics) to open a partnership between the state of Enugu and the federal government to unravel the expansion of opportunity and wealth to the state’s agricultural sector.

Anai Agu, Special Advisor to Governor Ifeani Ugvuanyi on the development of small and medium-sized businesses and investments, described the agricultural efforts in the state as the “next oil boom”. However, what he may not have been able to catch was that, unlike oil, an economy that is unevenly distributed and has the bulk of its revenues going abroad due to the income of the International Petroleum Corporations (IOC), agricultural activities are more it is evenly distributed and provides regular income for households that are either small farmers or medium farmers.

The exhibition of products from conventional agricultural products for processed and packaged food products was an indication of a productive partnership between the state and the federal government, on the one hand, and between the state and its community of agricultural producers, on the other. For example, it was through a partnership between the state and the federal government that an intervention program was launched to explore the possibilities available in a unique pepper known as Ose Nsukka or Nsukka Pepper. Thanks to this, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) created a program of anchor borrowers, which allowed the producers of this pepper to gain access to the means to expand and market their products.

Drawing a unique type of pepper
Both simple and simple, pepper is the main source of income for many countries. India and Iran, for example, are major exporters of chile, and over the years have improved the science and art of processing and packaging these goods for export. Nigeria may have lost a huge opportunity to grow peppers as the main income. It is already noted that what is being imported to Nigeria today, because Cameroon pepper originated in the 1980s, when Cameroon students at Nigerian universities, in particular at the University of Nigeria, researched and took home an agricultural product, from where it came for several years, was re-exported back to nigeria.

But this is about to change. Firstly, Ose Nsukka does not develop well in other areas outside Nsukka, and when this happens, it loses its unique flavor. This explains why many rural farmers in Nsukka, especially women, make a significant income and sell their peppers to other parts of the country.

Ose Nsukka has become an industry of millions of thousands of dollars a year. The intervention of the federal and state governments added some information about the business, which made it possible to expand small small farms. The problem, however, was the perishable nature of the product, a development that leads to losses reaching several million.

But it appears that a number of players in Enugu’s growing agricultural sector are already innovating, ensuring that pepper is better branded, preserved, and has a longer shelf life, without losing taste and taste. Professor Michael Uguru, a breeder at Nsukka University Nigeria, in active collaboration with Daniel Ochi, Director General of the Nsukka Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture, collaborated with the goal of preserving Ose Nsukka, potentially rotating the multi-million dollar industry in this process.

Uguru, who spoke at MSME clinics, showed that Nsukka pepper had the opportunity to become the multi-billion dollar industry of Naira, which will be exported to almost all parts of the world. The professor, who spoke when Vice-President Osinbajo visited his booth in the exhibition hall, explained that preserving the product would increase his export value, which would increase the income-generating opportunities for rural farmers. “When we say,” he told Vice President Osinbaggio, “we already have orders for 10 tons of Nsukka pepper from the United States. There are others who request from Europe and other countries, especially because you cannot get pepper from any other part of the world. ”

Collecting and using people's energy for businesses
As with these growing peppers, and with other types of agriculture. Exhibitors at this event also included rice farmers and millers, as well as those who grew and processed plantain into flour. In other areas of farming, there are a number of other players, which is undoubtedly a result of the growing industry that keeps families from hunger, brings income to families and teaches other local farmers how to manage business partners and manage more organized organizations. According to the governor of Ugwuanyi: “He has already made far-reaching decisions on business practice, procedural reforms and harmonization of revenues.”

How to preserve these benefits and ensure maximum added value may be the next challenge that the government of Enugu will have to confront and win. But Agu, the Special Advisor on the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises and Investments, says the government will not stop at these laurels and will continue to do everything to deepen the culture of entrepreneurship among the people of the state.

“We will continue to work with people to create more enterprises and create more business people. Our people are naturally adventurous, but we will continue to provide all the hidden entrepreneurial and creative talents of all our people. We are not just helping them get access to capital, but, more importantly, we will help them build capacity to ensure that they approach what they do strictly from a business point of view, ”Agu said.

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