How deepening innovation drives food sustainability


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Itohan Abara-Labian

Participants in the conference on "Optimizing the Nigerian chain of agricultural values ​​through innovation" said that only deepening technological innovation will lead to increased agricultural productivity, increased resilience and food safety.

The conference was organized by the Network of Women Entrepreneurs (NNEW), a division of the Consultative Association of Employers of Nigeria (NECA) on Thursday in Lagos.

Mr. Kolawole Adeniji, Chief Executive Officer, Niji Group and keynote speaker, said that innovation plays an important role in new ideas and processes that will facilitate the commercialization of agriculture.

Adeniji, who said that technological innovation will improve work in the workplace, added that it is necessary to reduce the hard work in this sector.

"Agriculture divides the dominant part of the world economy, contributing 29% and 2.4 trillion dollars, while adding value was the main driver of this market.

"Innovation is a useful change that generates new ideas, products or methods and processes; every action and creativity in the value chain occurs as a result of successful innovations, without which very little can be delivered, "he said.

According to him, agroprocessing and efficient storage are tools for the commercialization and development of the sector, ensuring security, security and food sufficiency for the growing population.

He said that Nigerian farmers were poor because they did not conduct research on the cost of production and how much they intend to sell from their products.

Adeniji said that innovation will help farmers reduce overhead, cut labor and maximize profits.

In addition, the National President of NNEW, Ms. Modee Oyekunl, said that innovation is important for any business development, otherwise such business will develop.

"Innovation will bring new things and methods into everything you do to make a meaningful economic impact.

"Women face social and economic problems in business that limit the level of development and success that they achieve," she said.

Oyekunle called women intelligent, stubborn and designed to hold several events simultaneously; and were mostly successful.

She urged women in the agro-business sector of NNEW to be focused, determined and networked as much as possible.

Ms. Monica Umo, Chairman of the Agribusiness Sector of Lagos NNEW, said that the conference was organized to ensure that women kept up with innovations in this sector.

Umo said that it is necessary to encourage women to adopt new technologies that will lead to optimal profits in the field of agribusiness.

She encouraged participants to be open to lectures in real time and hoped to see changes in their chosen areas.

The Agriculture Commissioner of the State of Lagos, Mr. Toyin Suarau, said that women play an important role in the field of agriculture, and they should be recognized.

Suarau said that the state will support any group of women in agribusiness for the development of sustainability and the development of food security.

The Commissioner, presented for this occasion by Mrs. Abiola Ayoade, Director of Agricultural Services, said that empowerment is one of the three main areas of government attention.

Ms. Sarah Odende, an agribusiness communications specialist, said that farmers were limited because of little or no information available to them.

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