HarvestPlus injects over 200,000mt of vitamin a maize into markets –


In an effort to address the problem of malnutrition in the country, HarvestPlus, a global biomedicine of nutrient crops, introduced about 200,000 tons of vitamin A corn to the Nigerian market. According to the International Children's Fund for Children of the United Nations (UNICEF), about 2.5 million Children under the age of five suffer from malnutrition and have a low growth rate in the country.

HarvestPlus Country Manager, Paul Ilona, ​​who reported this in Lagos, said that malnutrition of micronutrients will lead to increased pressure on national health budgets and weak workforce, which can be achieved using bio-strengthened crops. He noted that nutrition is the most important building block for growth and development, adding that vitamin A is identified among the three microelements by the World Health Organization (WHO), since most of them do not have diets all over the world.

"Corn, rich in carbohydrates, and also rich in phosphorus, magnesium does not contain vitamins to improve visual function. Corn Vitamin A, introduced into the country, has two comparative advantages; it is long-term cost-effective and has the ability to cover the poor rural population of the country. "

The country's manager stressed that the long-term consequences of the lack of necessary micronutrients in the human diet are devastating, since it plays a crucial role in human development. He added that his deficit can cause birth defects, permanent physical and mental disabilities, and an increased risk of death, noting that the corn crop is a key factor in many manufacturing companies and poultry farming.

The country manager said HarvestPlus will host its upcoming nutritious food fair in Lagos from November 7 to 9, 2018 at the Landmark Event Center, Victoria Island, Lagos.

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