Harvest-Plus refutes being part of $200bn bio-fortification fund


Dr. Paul Ilona

Harvest-Plus Nigeria has denied that it is part of the estimated $ 200 billion worth of crop bioinformation, according to some daily newspapers.

The leader of the Harvest-Plus Nigeria country team, Dr. Paul Ilona, ​​said that the publication was unjustified and came from those who are prone to the malignant image of an international organization.

He said that the Nigerian budget is even much smaller than the specified fund, stating that journalists and the media should make efforts to verify information before making such a sensitive issue publicly available.

The said publication said that Nigeria would benefit from a $ 200 billion crop-growing program sponsored by the US agency Harvest Plus.

Nigeria is reported to be one of the African countries that will receive a grant through the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (ITAA) in Ibadan, designed to provide products enriched with bio-fortified products.
An agency in Nigeria, in partnership with Nigerian scientists, has developed bio-based vitamin A cassava, corn and sweet potatoes as part of a global effort to reduce malnutrition, developmental delays and micronutrient deficiencies, disease and mortality.

However, Ilona said that the publication is a mixture that did not come from the headquarters of the agency in the United States or from the Nigeria country office.

IITA communication and knowledge sharing expert, Mr. Godwin Atzer, also said during the conversation that the publication was false news that should be ignored.

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