Harvest Plus trains 1.2m casava famers


Harvest Plus Nigeria, an international agricultural agency, has trained more than 1.2 million farmers in parts of the country in the production of cassava vitamin A.

Young people and women also learned how to turn cassava by-products into confectionery and food products.

He said that the training provided recipes for the production of vitamin varieties “A-enriched cassava by-products such as Combobits, Casmoi and Casarita, Vitamin A Gari, Fufu, Custard and Caschin

He said that the essence of the training was to combat malnutrition among the rural population by introducing vitamin enriched by-products of cassava into their daily food intake.

Farmers have reached the intersection in 24 states, including Benue, Abia, Ondo, Cross River, Imo and Oyo. (Harvest Plus Nigeria)

Harvest Plus Nigeria: Harvest Plus trains 1.2m casava famers (Harvest Plus Nigeria)

Ilona said that the goal is to ensure that every farmer who deserves to plant more nutritious varieties, such as cassava vitamin A, has access to them.

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He stressed the need for Nigerians to consume more nutritious foods for good health and urged the government and the private sector to support farmers in producing more products.

Harvest Plus Nigeria is leading global efforts to improve nutrition and public health by developing and distributing basic food crops rich in vitamins and minerals. It is part of the research program of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) on Agriculture in Nutrition and Health.

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Its main sponsors are the Government of the United Kingdom, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; “Submission of a future initiative” by the US government and the European Commission, among others. (Harvest Plus Nigeria)

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