How To Grow Edible Mushrooms


There are different edible mushroom varieties like oysters, shiitake and button mushrooms.

One may choose the variety to grow depending on the taste he/ she seeks.

Spawn: As a beginner, you need to buy spawn (mushroom mycelia) which is similar in function to plant seedling and not spores for experienced growers.

Growing medium: Next is to find a suitable substrate for the spawn to be inoculated on.

While oysters thrive on partially decomposed straw or coffee grounds, shiitakes grow best on hardwood sawdust, and button mushrooms grow best in composted manure. However, they can all be grown in straw or sawdust of untreated wood.

Heating: When using straw or sawdust, it is necessary to sterilise it before inoculating with the spawn to kill unwanted micro-organisms.

This could be done by placing the substrate in a pot/pan and adding water, then heating until the water vapours out. Alternatively, it could be done in a microwave oven in batches.

Inoculation: Warm temperature facilitates growth of mycelia in the mushroom spawn.

To inoculate, put handfuls of substrate and spawn using sterilised utensil in a pan with large surface, mix thoroughly then heat to 21 Degrees Celsius.

You may then leave it in a cabinet or dark room for about three weeks.

Growing conditions: Mushrooms are best grown indoors in dark, damp and cool condition where the temperature and light can be more readily managed.

Check after two weeks for whitish fuzz on the substrate. If the environment is below 21° C, then your mushrooms should grow fine.

Fruiting: Depending on the variety, the first fruiting takes starts after three weeks. You can harvest when the mushroom caps separate fully from their stems.

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