Greenhouse Technology To Boost Nigeria’s Agric Production – Dizengoff MD


Greenhouse technology has the potential to rapidly expand the country’s agricultural production, including a very attractive opportunity to generate huge Return On Investment for investors within a short time.

The technology is acclaimed as a very innovative solution that enables all year round farming.

It delivers a technique for achieving high quality increased agriculture produce, thereby helping to expand production.

Antti Ritvonen, the Chief Executive Officer, Dizengoff Nigeria, made the assertion in Lagos recently during a media parley on agriculture investment in the country.

Ritvonen submitted that the technology holds huge opportunity as an investment option with juicy returns on investment for investors within a short time.Green house technology

He said: “Greenhouse technology is a huge breakthrough agricultural production, either way you look at it.

“And I believe its adoption holds the future for the country’s agriculture both in terms of production as well as investment.

“It is a technology that delivers a unique farming technique that enables increased high quality production all year round.

“For the investor, what I see is that with proper management, what you have within a short time is very attractive returns on investment that is perhaps difficult to get elsewhere.”

Giving details about the innovative greenhouse technology developed by the company, known as Dizengoff Farmer’s Kit, Ritvonen said: “It is a managed all year round farming technique that is very suitable for investors and professionals who are not necessarily farmers.

He disclosed that the technology “breaks away from the traditional open farming technique”.

It adopts greenhouse technology “developed with the aim of helping farmers with an all year round technique to produce increased yields of greenhouse crops”.

He added: “Dizengoff Farmer’s Kit is essentially an innovative technology a greenhouse production package consisting of a greenhouse, drip irrigation system and high yielding highbred seeds.

“The package also includes assorted fertilizers, agrochemicals, nursery sets, farmer’s sprayers, and personal protective clothing.

“It also includes planting bags and sheets, all complimented with farmer’s training and agro support services.

Ritvonen disclosed that the package, which comes in different units, could also have “a paid agronomist, who is an agro support adviser, to work with the investor for 10 months. This, he said, the company does to ensure proper management as well as for technical operations.

According to him, Dizengoff is pioneering the technology in Nigeria because of its firm belief that it has the capacity to rapidly expand the country’s agricultural production within a short time.

All that is needed is interest and involvement in adopting the technique.
Ritvonen said: “With increased interest in agriculture across all strata of the economy and the adoption of this technology, we will be able to get more people involved to rapidly expand production within a short time.”

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He pointed out that the deployment of the technology is a sure way to get this done.
Equally speaking during the parley, Dizengoff Marketing Communications Manager, Humphrey Otalor, disclosed that the company has recently embarked on a promotional scheme geared at making the Dizengoff Farmer’s Kit very affordable for interested investors.

Otalor said: “We are passionate about helping the country become not only self-sufficient but also become an exporter of agric produce within a short time.

“And we believe that do this by getting more people involved in production through the greenhouse technology being pioneered by Dizengoff.”