Government seals Abakaliki Rice Mill


The popular "Abakalik rice mill Industry Limited" was sealed by the government of the state of Ebony after the alleged discovery of some falsified, poisonous rice sold to unsuspecting customers.

In an order to print on Tuesday, a senior assistant to the assistant to the governor of David Umahi on internal security, Dr. Kenneth Ugbala explained that this action is part of the decision of the Executive Council to protect the lives of citizens.

The Governor's security assistant, accompanied by the commissioners for health, the environment, senior government officials and security agents of the Rich mill, also confirmed that those arrested with some sacks of the rice were transferred to the police, while further investigation would continue to untangle the source and syndicates for an unhealthy product

Ugbala said: "The main responsibility of the government in any part of the world is to protect the life and property of individuals.

"Thus, the government of the state of Ebony under the Exco directive today ruled that the Rice Mill industry should be temporarily closed so that interested ministries, departments and agencies could enter the market with security agencies and conduct a full investigation on this issue

"That's why we are here, a team composed of me, the Commissioner for Health, Environment and other senior government officials.

"And we direct that all market participants, all buyers and sellers here should stay away.

"The security agencies were aimed at taking over the market, and by tomorrow the Ministry of Environment, Health, Agriculture, other interested institutions and experts will move to the mill, first conduct a test on rice and find out what it represents.

"But we can not lay down our hands, like the government, to ignore everything that could affect the lives of our people.

"We do not want our people to stay at home without doing their business, but this is really a call for necessity."

Speaking to reporters, the State Health Commissioner, Dr. Daniel Umezurica, confirmed that the inscription "not for human consumption" was boldly written on bags of rice, and a quick glance at the contents showed that the rice was very tasteless the quality is probably intended for feed for animals.

Umezuriku described the act of maximizing the profits of some businessmen to the detriment of most people as excessive despair and wickedness.

However, he assured members of the public that his ministry would promptly investigate this matter with regard to the source of unhealthy rice, its distribution and outlets in order to stop its distribution and to return the Rice Mill back to business in less than a week.

He added that the actual ingredients on the rice will be identified during the tests that will be conducted by his ministry, and will be reported to the public.

However, he assured that there was no reason for alarm, because the product was discovered early enough.

Meanwhile, Environmental Commissioner, Chief Donatus Nyoku, said that unhealthy rice was discovered after the consumer went to the mill to buy some rice, which prompted his ministry to come into operation and first restored about 40 bags of said rice .

Nyoku regretted that when his ministry first seized the confiscation of bags of rice, they were attacked by thugs of rice merchants, who damaged the ministry car, bent over injuring the ministry staff.

He went on to explain: "What made the exercise reach such a scale was that when we arrived they attacked us and even used thugs to free some of the people we arrested and so we had to make some reports, which forced the State Executive Council to direct that we return to seal the market to make sure that we get rid of all such rice here to save the lives of our people. "

A study by our reporter showed that the poisonous rice was supposedly taken from Kano State.

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