GAWAL partners ministry, trains 40 officials in China-sponsored project –


Green Agriculture West Africa Ltd (GAWAL), in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Budget and National Planning, began a seven-day technical training on agricultural technologies for civil servants.

The training began on September 3, 2018 at the Abuja Industrial Park in the field of HGCOC agriculture in the Bwari district, Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.
The program is sponsored by the Chinese Embassy in Nigeria and organized by GAWAL.

Professor Xu Yuanfan, Deputy General Manager of GAWAL, said that this program is the third that the Chinese Embassy sponsored in Nigeria.

This year it is attended by 40 Nigerian government officials from various ministries, departments and departments. The curriculum included in-house training courses and practical courses revolving around processing cassava, growing pepper, producing rice seeds, corn and sorghum, soil and fertilizer science, demonstrating the skills of agricultural machinery and inspection of the vegetable oil plant.

At the opening ceremony, Professor Xu said from 2015 to the present, GAWAL conducted six training programs for agricultural engineers in Nigeria, including technical training on biogas construction and fish-frame technology, embassy-sponsored agricultural technical training programs, and training programs sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce of China .

He added that the aim of these programs is to promote the development of agriculture in Nigeria, increase farmers' incomes and improve food security.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Mr. Chianu Paschal Chibuzo, a representative of the participants, urged all listeners to use every opportunity to expand the knowledge that would impact them on other people and farmers.

GSALA explained that in order to promote the implementation of the Cooperation Plan for Modernizing Agriculture between China and Africa and to expand the exchange of agricultural products and cooperation between the two countries, it is implementing the Agricultural Technical Training Program, sponsored by the Government of China.

"In the training program in 2016, our company trained 40 technical staff from FMARD in Abuja in areas such as soil and fertilizers; seed production; methods of growing rice and the practice of agricultural technology.

"In May 2017, a total of 39 government officials from 22 states and Abuja visited another training program. During the training, our Chinese agricultural specialists not only shared their experience in the development of agriculture around the world, but also spread modern technologies in the field of agricultural machinery, plant protection and processing of vegetable oil, "the GAWAL said.

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