FYJIO Group pledges support to boost agricultural sector in Africa


Ambassador Ifeoma Mary Edzhiogu

The FYJIO Group, under the auspices of the American Chamber of Commerce (USLACC), has confirmed its commitment to revitalizing the agrarian sector in Africa and using various institutions for the development of the continent.

A representative, USLACC – Africa, Ifeoma Ambassador Mary Ejiogu, made this known in Abuja during a press briefing during the 2018 FYJIO week, which will be held in the United States from November 14 to 17.

Egiogu said that FIJIO week aims to bring together all investors, capitalists, financial institutions, industrialists and teachers under one umbrella.

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According to her, “the event would provide exhibitors from Africa an opportunity to demonstrate diverse types of business, sales, and demonstrate potential information about their companies.

She noted that the event will create a platform for participants to discuss opportunities for expanding and exploring various opportunities as they meet with business experts and leading business owners.

She further explained that the program would contribute to the development of agriculture and agriculture, motivate existing farmers and attract more people to agriculture.

“The impression created so far is that agriculture is intended for illiterate, poor women and without work. This is due to poor income generation, which I can offer based on the method of farming, lack of funding and good methods previously adopted on farm work, ”she said.

“Today, thanks to this initiative, agriculture is gaining an attractive new look in the value chain, agribusiness, global market relations, chemical fertilizers, mechanization, access to loans and grants, year-round agriculture and international trade.

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