Foundation Spends $24m To Empower Cooperative Societies In Nigeria


Diamond Development Initiatives (DDI), a non-governmental organization operating in African countries, says its donor partner, the United States African Development Fund (USADF), has invested more than $ 24 million since 2001 to expand the capabilities of various cooperative societies in Nigeria.
DDI's Executive Director, Mr. Adamu Garba, said this in an interview with reporters at a mini-exhibition on selling cooperative products in Abuja on Friday.
The DDI is a non-profit organization that provides technical assistance to communities and institutions in the areas of business support, agri-food services and market access solutions.
DDI also serves as the means by which development agencies and other donors provide development assistance to rural communities and organizations in Africa.
The USADF is an independent US government agency created by Congress to support African-owned businesses that improve lives in poor and vulnerable communities in Africa.
The USADF invests directly in utilities, providing seed money and local technical support for early stage farming, off-grid energy and youth enterprises in Africa.
Garba, said that the exhibition of various products, ranging from hides and foams to agricultural products by various cooperative societies, is funded by the USADF to create wealth for economic development in Nigeria.
“The purpose of this event is to showcase products from organizations, mainly cooperative societies throughout Nigeria, with whom we work, they are funded by the USADF.
“But DDI is an implementing partner of USADF, and we manage this project, so we give them mentorship, we do management and monitoring for them.
“Part of our work is that we demonstrate these cooperative communities so that they can get additional assistance from other countries.
“Therefore, if you see the products they are preparing, the interested party may say“ good ”, they need better packaging, or they need additional incentives to improve their production, marketing or any other field,” he said.
Garba said that the USADF also provides assistance to cooperative organizations with the necessary machines to process their products to add value to the markets.
“The assistance we provide is not limited to production, so we take another step forward to provide them with machines that they can process, and to increase the value of the product, as well as provide them to additional markets.
“Over the years, the USADF has invested over $ 24 million in these cooperatives in Nigeria, they are still working in Nigeria, and we look forward to getting more help for them,” said Garba.
President of the USADF, Mr. C.D. Glyn said the fund was created to invest in African ideas and initiatives as part of ways to realize the prosperity of African countries.
Glyn said the fund was interested in meeting the needs and expectations of African countries, especially Nigerian, most populous, given the opportunities and opportunities in Nigeria and other African countries.
“Everything we do here in Nigeria is led by Nigerians, the work we do is to promote opportunities and opportunities to meet needs and expectations.
“So we have a strong commitment to Africans, and we have an indelible commitment to Nigeria.
“And we firmly believe that agriculture will be one of the economic factors for the success of Nigeria and Africa.
“Thus, working in agriculture, an agro-base is the driving force for diversifying the economy of Nigeria and ensuring economic growth in Nigeria and on the continent,” he said.
He said that the foundation has been working in Nigeria since 2001, adding that he supported cooperative societies in places like Kano, Kaduna, Bauchi, Nigeria-Delta and others.
He said that the USADF provides its business technical resources to support Nigerians and other Africans.
“You tell us where the problems we face are, and we cooperate in helping to solve the problems of economic prosperity around the continent and Nigeria,” he said.
The chairman of the USADF, Mr. Jack Leslie, said that the foundation is aware of the three “Ps” that bring success in any effort, while providing support to cooperative societies to ensure economic growth and prosperity.
“The three dogs that will contribute to our success are partnerships; we can succeed when we are business partners.
“The second is to participate, so we are not going to tell you how to solve your problem, you know how to do it, you need to participate.
“The third is the private sector, and this is exactly what you represent, and that’s why we work with you,” said the chairman.

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