FMARD, ARMTI train 156 on dry season farming  


A total of 156 peasant farmers, taken from nine rural communities in the Ilorin districts of the Southern and Ifeloun local councils of the state of Kwara, benefited from the training program and the empowerment of agriculture during the dry season.

A five-day program organized by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development; and the Agricultural and Agricultural Training Institute (ARMTI), in collaboration with the consulting company Synergy Impact, targeted local farmers, most of whom are elderly, young people and women.

Speaking during this program, farmers from Elerinjare, Fufu, Igbo Owu, Amoyo, Falokun Oja, Jimba Oja, Apaola, Omomere Oja and Ilota report that training will affect their productivity and socio-economic situation.

One participant, who is also the chief imam of the Elerinjare mosque, Alhaji Abdulgania Abbas, called this program very useful, saying that they lectured on how to improve their economic destiny from an individual peasant economy by forming an association of farmers or a group.

“We have been taught a modern and effective method of farming from the awkward way we were engaged. For example, we formed groups and got water pumps and accessories for irrigation practice during the dry season and were trained in how to sell our agricultural products without loss after harvest. ”

In addition, the chairman of the Elerinjare Development Association, Mallam Yahya Amos, said that this program contributed to expanding their use in agriculture, especially in how to obtain fertilizer when they are in a group.

“Our women farmers were also taught how to improve their tomato and vegetable production, for example, the type of organic fertilizer to use, especially during the dry season. Moreover, the use of poultry and pig waste to improve the nutrients in the soil on our farms, ”he said.

In his speech, ARMTI Executive Director, Dr. Olufemi Olaunni, said that the program is aimed at alleviating the plight of local farmers in the country, achieving food security and diversifying the economy for the nation.

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