Flood washes away farm lands in 5 LGAs in Kano


The Rice Farmers Association of Nigeria (RIFAN), the head of state of Cano, has shown that hundreds of acres of rice plantations have been washed away by a flood in five local government districts of the state.

This was reported by the head of the state RIFAN Alhadji Abubakar Haruna Aliyu during a press conference at the secretariat of the state RIFAN, according to which the flood was so devastating that some farmers lost their lives.

As the affected areas, the areas of local government were named Varava, Gabasava, Minzhiber, Gaya and Davakin Kudu.

"Many of the farmlands, most of which are rice plantations, have been washed away by the recent flooding because of the heavy rainfall experienced recently. We received alarming reports that some of our members lost hundreds of hectares of rice plantations, animals and also lost lives, "the chairman said.

He further reported that, as an established association, RIFAN officials had been redistributed to compile a list of affected members, as well as to quantify the losses incurred as a result of the flood.

"Due to the fact that most of our members are in the CBN anchor program of the borrower, we are currently compiling a comprehensive damage reimbursement report that we will submit to our national authority for further action regarding the agreement reached with the Nigerian agricultural insurance Company ( NAIC), and as soon as we finish, we will submit our report, "he added.

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