Flood destroys 280 hectares of rice farms in Edo – RIFAN Chairman


Diris Abdulsalam, chairman of the Nigerian rice farmers ’association, told reporters on Thursday in Benin that farmers close to the state’s river areas were flooded.

Flooding destroyed 280 hectares of rice farm in Iguarih and Iguomo in northeastern Ovia and the southwestern areas of Ovia state local government in Edo state.
As the chairman of the State Council of the Nigerian Rice Farmers Association, Diris Abdulsalam, told reporters on Thursday in Benin, farmers close to the river regions of the state suffered from flooding.
He appealed to the government at all levels to help farmers after the destruction of thousands of hectares of rice fields by flooding in several communities across the state.
Abdulsalam noted that the flood will have a negative impact on the government’s desire to ensure the sufficiency of rice production in the country.
He said that the association develops conditions to ensure that farmers are ready for the growing season to compensate for the destruction.
He said: “The association will be a sensitizer for rice farmers for agriculture during the dry season, in order to make up for the shortage caused by the destruction of rice fields with flood.
“There are many problems in the production of rice, and the worst of them at the moment is that the flood destroyed or washed away the culture and even flooded some of the houses of our members.
"Therefore, we are asking for help from governments and international donors so that our farmers do not go and commit suicide."
According to Abdulsalam, floods will reduce the rice production chain in the state, adding that affected farmers have lost millions of investments in Nairah.
Therefore, he appealed to the state government to provide rice farmers with tractors, noting that there were no tractors in the state.
Abdulsalam said that the state of Edo is one of the largest rice-producing countries in the country.
He expressed regret that the state government does not give priority to rice farmers in terms of providing certified seedlings and funding.

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