Firm to empower 500,000 rural women in Kwara


At least 500,000 women in rural communities will be empowered by Kaiama Shea Butter Company, based in Quara, offering to plant a million shea butter trees throughout the state.

Its chairman, Mr. Temitop Amujo, said this in an interview in Ilorin.

According to him, the government in cooperation with the National Agency for Orientation (NOA) provided favorable conditions for the company's take-off.

"We launched the Savior-Shea campaign with a single mandate to plant 100,000 shek trees, provided 500,000 rural women in the community and achieved zero poverty in the state.

"This should ensure a safe climate; and to achieve this, we acquired land in the area of ​​local government of Kayama to create the first commercial plantation of Shi and to develop the first Shi center, called Kaiama Shea Hub (KaSH).

"We recently discovered that the Shi tree is one of the endangered species that have been severely affected by deforestation because of its high quality for the production of charcoal.

"Our main goal now is to prevent the cutting of Shi trees into production of charcoal, to grow new trees and establish another Shi center."

Amujo said that the vision is to create at least 300 local jobs and attract foreign investment in the development of the value chain of Shi in the state.

He said that about N30 million was introduced to the company N12 million Grants, N10 million of private investment and N8 million in the form of liability

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