Firm lists ways to successfully produce broilers 


The production of broilers was named one of the most useful enterprises that provide return on investment, if the mortality of birds is avoided. Director of FDH AgroVet Ltd Mr. Femi Akinwale during the launch of the avian influenza vaccine in Ibadan last week said that reducing or eliminating bird deaths by taking precautionary measures would lead to an increase in the number of surviving birds at the time of harvest.

He showed this by indicating ways to successfully grow broilers to meet the growing demand for chickens, especially in urban areas. Coccidiosis, added by Akinville, is one of the most devastating poultry diseases that causes losses to farmers, causing severe deaths to poultry farms.

This disease, he said, can be prevented by vaccinating broiler birds between the ages of one and seven days. According to the Association of Poultry Farmers of Nigeria (PAN), most poultry farmers have stopped doing business because of outbreaks, high mortality and rising production costs.

Introducing the new vaccine, called Advent Coccidiosis Vaccine, the company stated that a prophylactic technological product is capable of giving farmers a zero mortality rate if the instructions are carefully followed.

HuvePharma, the vaccine manufacturer, Dr Gbenga Oluyemi, said that coccidiosis poses a serious problem in the poultry industry worldwide, with a burden of more than $ 3 billion a year.

Giving further advice to farmers at the public presentation of the vaccine, Akinwale strongly recommended that farmers use the vaccine for no more than three consecutive batches of birds on the farm to avoid increasing resistance to the vaccine. He suggested using chemical veterinary medicines after the third batch of broilers on a particular farm. And after that, farmers should return to vaccination and vice versa. Poultry breeders are also strongly advised to avoid acute practices and appropriately use vaccination to minimize the use of antibiotics.

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