FG set to achieve SDGs on poverty, hunger, says Audu Ogbeh –


Audu Ogbe. Photo: NAN

The Federal Government of Nigeria is working to transform its agricultural sector into sustainable development goals aimed at eradicating poverty and hunger, achieving food security and improving nutrition in order to promote sustainable agriculture.

The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Chief Audou Ogbe, made this known at the opening ceremony of the three-day conference "Feed the Future Nigeria Agricultural Policy Project", which was held in Abuja from August 14 to 16, 2018.

The minister gave confidence that the current administration's focus on agricultural policy was aimed at making agriculture work as a business, with plans to return the nation to an agroeconomic basis that was abandoned with the discovery of oil.

Nigeria, according to him, bounces back, as it has achieved feats in the seeds of sesame, cotton, sorghum, gum, corn, pit, cassava and rice.
He mentioned that a large number of small farmers are extremely poor and as such, the federal government has introduced a number of initiatives to combat poverty and hunger by increasing agricultural productivity, food production and improving rural incomes.

Ogbeh listed a number of obstacles hampering the growth of the agricultural sector, including the lack of the use of science and technology in agricultural practices; unfriendly land policy; poor access to credit; absence of distribution workers; bad objects for construction; disadvantageous landing habits and a small number of tractors for modernized agriculture.

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