Farmers urged to use inorganic, organic fertilizer to boost crop yield


Farmers are encouraged to take additional use of organic and inorganic fertilizers in the country in order to increase yields, increase incomes and ensure food security and economic prosperity for Nigeria.

Executive Secretary of the Association of Fertilizer Manufacturers and Suppliers of Nigeria (FEPSAN), Alhaji Ahmed Rabiu Kwa gave advice in an interview to reporters in Kaduna on Wednesday.

He said thatits additional use of both fertilizers is very useful and therefore recommended for farmers.

He stressed that the importance of additional use of organic substances with inorganic fertilizers can not be overemphasized.

that the combined use of organic and inorganic fertilizers will largely ensure the nutrient requirements of crops and organic fertilizers providing some nutrients, helps regulate their release into crops and improves the physical condition and properties of soils, while inorganic fertilizer serves as the main source of more high amounts of essential plant nutrients that have been removed by seasonal cultivation.

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