Farmers, Nigeria’s Future Billionaires- Says Coscharis


Mr. Cosmas Maduka, Chief Executive Officer of the Coscharis Group of Companies, said that people who invested in agriculture will now become billionaires in Nigeria in the near future.

Maduka, who said during a visit to the Nigeria News Agency on Tuesday in Lagos, said that this would be so because the average Nigerian family still had at least three children, and this made the country's population continue to soar.

The business tycoon said that given the World Bank’s demography, which indicated that Nigeria would be the third largest population with more than 450 million people in 2050, he noted that the proposal that a growing population would eat it cannot be overemphasized .

“My projection is that the people who are engaged in agriculture today will become the billionaires of tomorrow in Nigeria, because the average Nigerian family still supplies at least three children.

“You need to eat food before talking about wearing clothes, because even a crazy person is not hungry. Regardless of his level of insanity, he eats food, be it a dustbin or anywhere.

“So, as we have such a large population, and no one thinks about how to feed them,” he said.

Maduka said that because of the World Bank's forecast, the Coscharis Group had ventured into agriculture and invested more than 2.2 billion pounds to grow more than 3,000 hectares of land for rice production in Anambra.

“We have made huge investments in agriculture in the state of Anambra, and the Vice-President, Minister of Agriculture and Governor of the Central Bank, Yemi Osinbajo, were present here,” he said.

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