Farmers’ Bio Product Processor Takes Centre Stage At Exhibition


Asaju Energy Limited excited farmers and processors at the event with the exhibition of the prototype of the new technology that will solve many problems of the farmers and enhance their capacity to be productive.

Patrick Aighemie who represented the company at the exhibition arena said the technology was developed by the technology centre, Europe.

The farmers Bio Product Processor (BPP) turns oil seed crops like rapeseed into high quality (semi) finished products for food, animal feeds and fuel use. This is done by using sustainable enzymatic process in the BPP system.

He stated that the agriculturally suitable BPP creates a significant increase in the yield per hectare, in addition, the farmer will become more independent and self-sufficient.

“The machine is so standard that if used, there are so many outputs that are going to be generated from the machine; we use the case of the rapeseed (tiger nut) also known as aya, many people do not even know that it contains diesel. If it is processed, it is going to give us the press cake, glycerol and diesel and it also generate electricity,” he said.

The technology does not need electricity or generator to work, what it requires is the input, that is- what is put in the machine to process.

For example, if you are using the rapeseed as your input,

you can also use soya, sesame and even palm oil. In the case of palm oil, it is going to give you vegetable oil and other by-products, depending on what you want. If you are using the soybeans as your input for example, it gives you the cake, which is important in animal feed.

According to him, the beauty of the product is that, any product that comes out of it, is certified for export to Europe. It is a very high technology. The machine comes in four 20 ft sized containers. There is a system that is connected into the machine and so any time the machine is used, the people from Holland are aware of it and they are monitoring the processing of the machine and even how the owner of the machine is using it.

But those who want to use the technology to generate electricity, bio-gas and diesel need however to obtain certification from relevant agencies as required by law.

The machine costs 400,000 Euros but farmers’ associations can work together to acquire the multipurpose new technology.

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