FAO trains 51 extension service officers to boost agric in Northeast


The representative of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in Nigeria, Safian Koroma, said that the release of 51 agricultural producers should help farmers affected by the conflict improve productivity through extension services in the Northeast.

Trainees must run 100 FAO field farm schools (FFS) to support most farm households at increased risk in the northeast. Koloma reported this on Thursday in a statement published by the relations and accountability officer of the defendants, FAO Maiduguri Patrina Rose. He said that the training of 26 additional individuals in the states of Adamava, Borno and Yobe had to increase the services for disseminating knowledge about the land.

He said that the preparation of the initial batch of 25 agricultural officers from state agricultural agencies and non-governmental organizations with the establishment of FFS community groups, on August 18, August 18 in Maiduguri, FAO completed the second batch of 26 agricultural experts.

"In the three-week intensive seminar, there are experts who support the conflict-affected farmers in the northeast, with the skills to create and maintain at least two farmer field schools per facilitator," Koroma said, adding that the UN agency trained 51 experts in FFS He said that the current FAO program for the rainy season until mid-July delivered seeds and fertilizers to about 100,000 households, adding that crop and livestock production is expected to increase with increasing access to agricultural crops odyam in newly accessible areas of the region.

He said that access to land remains a key issue, as several communities are limited to only small areas of land for production and can not use traditional areas of growing and grazing because of protracted security risks.

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