Expert Tasks Nigerians On Agric Wastes


Professor of Animal Nutrition, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike (MOUAU), Abia State, Dr Gbolagunte Sunday Ojewola, has described the volume of wastes generated from agriculture activities, as an area of sustainable agricultural investment and an easy tool for providing employment for Nigerians.

Agric wastes

Ojewola, who stated this during the 25th inaugural lecture of the university, said agriculture is still the major supplier of food to human kind and mainstay of the nation’s economy, but its wastes have for long, been neglected, especially livestock wastes, “which is an easy tool for procuring employment and a major way of preserving generations of wealthy and healthy Nigerians when properly put to good use.”

He referred to the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) report (1972) and Khoshoo of 1986, saying the real danger from poor waste disposal lies in the future, which he said “may be that the generation of wastes may have long since gone, before the problem begins.”

According to him, many of the environmental incidents that are causing concern now are legacies of the past, caused by the generation that is no longer active in the work force.
He pointed out that it is now the responsibility of all to develop, police and maintain safe waste disposal system, and not leave behind a lethal inheritance.

Consequently, he recommended that efforts should be made to identify the identity, exact quantities, nature and disposal of agro wastes that are being generated from major and minor agricultural activities all over the country.