Expert Advocates Consumption Of Vitamin ‘A’ Cassava


An expert in food and crops production, Jude Ohanele, has appealed to government at all levels to provide more farm inputs and implements for enhanced food production for farmers in Imo State.

Ohanele, who disclosed this in Owerri, emphasised the importance of consuming Vitamin ‘A’ cassava, stressing that its production in large quantity would help in healthy living of all categories of people.

He said any society, which failed to prioritise food production; its citizens would continue to face hunger.According to him, lack of food sufficiency has led to high degree of junk and processed foods patronage, regretting that the consumption of such lead to diseases and ill health.

While advocating eating of cassava ‘Vitamin A’ and maize, for needed growth, Ohanele called for establishment of tractor hiring centres, adequate land management system to ensure food security in Nigeria.