EU approves one million euros to assist states affected by flood in Nigeria


the flood

European Union (EU) Ambassador to Nigeria and ECOWAS Ketil Carlsen said the union approved one million euros (N400 million) to help three of the nine flood-affected countries in the country.

Carlsen at the joint press conference of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) and the European Commission in Nigeria on Friday in Abuja said that the states are Anambra, Kogi and Delta.

He said that funding is in providing shelter, medicines and other basic items for about 60,000 people in the affected areas.

“We strongly responded to calls from the Nigerian government to seek help from international partners in a situation where the current flood in Nigeria has affected about two million people.

“The European Union has mobilized one million euros (N400 million) in support of ongoing efforts.

“This funding is aimed at assisting victims in the most affected countries to help provide shelter, medicine and basic items for approximately 60,000 people in three of the nine most affected states.”

He also reported that the EU provided technical expertise and detailed satellite maps to assist in the management of services.

However, he said that the Nigerian government should recognize the fact that the adverse effects of climate change have a decisive impact on its people.

He therefore urged the government to redouble its efforts to proactively prepare for the future.

Carlsen said that EU support is not limited to humanitarian aid, but also includes efforts to mitigate the effects of floods at an early stage of preparation.

The plenipotentiary expressed his confidence that the Commission would follow strict monitoring and control to ensure the prompt delivery of materials to the affected people.

He also said that the European Organization for Civil and Humanitarian Aid (ECHO) provided 48 million euros this year to support the victims of the militants Boko Haram in the north-east.

For its part, NEMA CEO Mustafa Mayhaj said that floods ousted more than two million people, while 199 people died and 307,554 hectares of agricultural land were destroyed.

According to him, the assessment of agricultural land is not completed, as many of them are still under water.

“Water creates more chaos when it flows downward with a consequent increase in the number of people affected.


The sectoral ministries, departments and agencies (MDA) in collaboration with the National Biosafety Agency (NBMA) reviewed and approved the National Strategy for Inclusion in Biosafety.

MDAs are aimed at further strengthening the biosafety regulatory regime and its inclusion in various sectors of the economy.

A national biosafety document developed by the NBMA was presented, reviewed and validated by representatives of linear MDA at an information workshop for key politicians and decision makers held on Friday in Abuja.

The strategy is to ensure the continued effectiveness of the national biosafety system and synergies with sister agencies for national growth and economic development.

In his opening remarks, Dr. Rufus Ebegba, Director General of the NBMA, said that the Agency decided to regularly involve relevant stakeholders in their contribution to the decision-making process.

He said that this decision was due to the need for cooperation and partnership between government agencies, emphasized by the current administration.

"The strategic document defines the legislation and policies of linear MDA and analyzes entry points for biosafety to ensure smooth interaction with each institution."

Representatives of those attending MDA expressed their willingness to continue working with the NBMA in regulating genetically modified organisms (GMOs) to ensure that modern biotechnology does not cause any harm to people and the environment.

Ms. Kadiri Halima, Biosafety Officer at the National Agency for Food and Drug Control and Drug Control (NAFDAC), urged all interested parties to work together to ensure the safety of all Nigerians and the environment.

NAN reports that NBMA already has functional memorandums of understanding with NAFDAC, the National Council for Agricultural Seeds (NASC), the Nigerian Agricultural Quarantine Service (NAQS) and the Nigeria Standardization Organization (SON).

This is done in accordance with its mandate to provide adequate protection in the safe transfer, processing and use of GMOs.

The MDAs included in the strategy are the Federal Ministry of the Environment, the Nigerian Customs Service, NAQS, NASC, and the Consumer Protection Council.

Others are NAFDAC, the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment.


Nigerian human rights lawyer, Mr. Adeola Austin Oiinlade, was recognized as the laureate of the International Bar Association (IBA) award for the outstanding contribution of the legal adviser on human rights for 2018.

The prestigious award was presented to him at this year’s IBA conference in Rome, in La Nuvola, in Rome, Italy.

Mr. Oyinlade was the winner ahead of other finalists from countries around the world.

Each year, the IBA, which includes more than 80,000 individual lawyers and 195 law associations and law societies in all continents around the world, presents an award to an eminent human rights lawyer.

Oyinlade received an award for his courageous position for human rights, for his safe legal services for the poor in Nigeria and for a fair and just society for many years.

He also simplified human rights laws and guarantees that ordinary people understand English and the main local languages, including Pijin, House, Igbo and Yoruba, spoken by more than 100 million people in Nigeria.

The IBA Award Winner has pioneered the expansion of human rights through mobile technology, creating the Know Your Rights Nigeria application for millions of Android, iPhone and web users in Nigeria.

Oyinlade and his team of more than 50 lawyers also provide free legal support on human rights issues to users of their platforms on a daily basis.

At least 200 thousand people used their free access, the earliest possible dissemination of information about human rights and free legal advice.

He also offered solutions to human rights problems in Africa, including the political crisis in South Sudan, the crisis in the Central African Republic, the armed conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Libyan peace talks.

Earlier this year in the state of Lagos, the US Consul General, John Bray gave a high assessment and acknowledged the lawyer and the UN peace ambassador for “his work to strengthen respect and support for the protection of human rights in Nigeria”.

Bray argued that the US government considers the work of Oiinlade in Nigeria to be very insightful, as the country is “one of the most important countries on the continent, given its large population, prosperous commercial enterprises and strategic geopolitical position.

“Nigeria is crucial to prosperity and stability in Africa,” said Bray.

The IBA Human Rights Prize, giving its comment, thanked the body of global lawyers for awarding the prize and stated that such recognition is the responsibility to do more.

“Recognition of this magnitude brings more responsibility, because a task that follows such responsibilities will produce results and outcomes that will improve the world.

“The world is looking at us (lawyers) to consistently use our legal expertise as a tool for social engineering and problem solving.

“I believe and hope that we will continue to apply our knowledge of the law as the glue that unites society.

“I am happy and fully prepared to continue,” said Oyinlade.

Oyinlade is the first Nigerian lawyer to have won the IBA award for the outstanding contribution of a human rights lawyer in the field of human rights, and the second from the African continent after George Byzos from South Africa.


The Pink Blue Project, a non-governmental organization, won the Cancer World Day Award in 2018 at the just-concluded World Frame Congress in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Its executive director, Mr. Runci Chideb, said this in a statement on Friday in Abuja, saying that the award was presented by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC).

Chibed said that only four finalists from more than 100 cancer organizations around the world were awarded awards for recognizing cancer organizations that demonstrated a collaborative spirit in the fight against cancer.

“Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society, Cyprus; Liga Portuguesa Contra o Cancro, Portugal; PINK BLUE, Nigeria and the Shwe Yaung Hnin Si Cancer Foundation, Myanmar were four finalists for this award.

“Before us, all the extensive external judicial teams and interviews were victorious.

“This is an inspiring and courageous reward, which means that my team and I should do more, touch more lives and advocate for improved cancer treatment in Nigeria,” he said.

The Pink Blue project is a non-profit organization that promotes cancer awareness, patient navigation, advocacy, and free screening of breast and cervical cancer for the poor, especially women.


The Association of National Accountants of Nigeria (ANAN) commissioned members to increase accountability and develop methods to prevent and detect fraud in the country.

ANAN President Alhaji Shehu Ladan commissioned the 23rd annual conference of certified national accountants in Abuja.

Incense said that it would help the federal government in the fight against corruption and other flaws that impede the growth of the country.

“This year’s theme“ Economic Recovery and Growth: Challenges and Options ”was chosen to eliminate Nigeria’s exit from recession and the need to achieve development.”

He urged the participants, who include specialists in the private and public sector, as well as scientists, to draw up a new course for the country's economic growth.

The president of the association also urged accountants to adhere to the principles, ethics and code of conduct created by the Professional Organization of Accounting.

For his part, ANAN First Vice President, Professor Muhammad Manoma, confirmed the impact of the conference on the economic growth of Nigeria.

“It has a great influence, at first it will raise issues that are relevant for the economy today, so that people would appreciate the problems associated with economic recovery and growth.

“Scientists have proposed solutions, and all that is required is implementation; as soon as the results of this conference are realized, the economy will be better for it. ”

Mainoma complained about the problems faced by accountants in the country, but said that the association had taken steps to verify such problems and erroneous members.


Hurricane Michael left in the dark at least 1.6 million people and a trail of destruction, which killed at least eleven lives, destroyed electrical networks and flattened whole cities.

Scenes were familiar in all communities in Florida and Georgia, when trees were uprooted and cracked like toothpicks, buildings with roofs were cleaned, and houses were flattened in an unrecognizable landscape.

As the dawn in Albany, Georgia, residents woke up to find trees sticking out of their houses and blocking 100 intersections, local news service WRAL-TV reported.

Mexico Beach, Fla., Looked as if the bomb had gone when residents left to count their losses.

Thirty miles from the coast in Panama City, blocks of houses on the coast were destroyed, and the garbage was littered next to overturned vehicles.

Former President Barack Obama, responding to the tweet, asked Americans to help rebuild the country.

“America is always in our power when we look at each other,” he wrote.

Earlier, at least 6 deaths were confirmed, including an 11-year-old girl from Georgia, who died when a mounted car rammed her family home, increasing the number of dead to 11 people. (NAN)

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