Edo women to embrace agriculture, water initiatives


Edo Commissioner for Women and Social Development, Ms. Magdalene Ochenhen, urged women in rural areas of the state to lay the key to the state's food and agriculture initiative.

Ohenen gave advice during a press briefing to commemorate Women's International Women's Day in 2018 in Benin, saying that the program is aimed at boosting economic activity at the grassroots level.

She said: “We noticed that our rural women are not participating in training.

"Therefore, we urge them to take advantage of the project of food and agricultural treasures in order to gain knowledge of modern planting methods, increase their incomes and increase food security in the state."

She said that the food and agriculture initiative had recently been launched in the Uhunmvod local government area to expand opportunities and increase the capacity of some 3,000 rural farmers.

Ohenkhen also encouraged women to support water supply and sanitation projects implemented by the state government through rural communities in collaboration with UNICEF.

She said that this would ensure the eradication of water-related diseases and a safer environment.

The Commissioner said that the current administration of the state is committed to the welfare of women in rural areas.

She said that many investments are being made to provide access roads to farms and markets and to renovate health centers.

“We cannot ignore the efforts of rural women in agricultural production and poverty reduction.

“In addition to their efforts, the current administration has given them a voice in the decision-making process,” she added.

Ohenen said the government did this by appointing a Special Adviser and Special Assistant on Gender Issues in 18 state LGA.

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