Edo State partners CONTEC Global Agro


The executive governor of Edo State, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, said that Contec Global Agro's deployment of ICT research and tools for organic food production has a big promise for Nigeria to fulfill its food safety mission.

Carrying out the Edo State Executive Director at research sites for tissue production and bio-organic fertilizer plants, the company’s chairman, Dr. Benoy Berry, said at the weekend that the outfit seeks to set the pace in organic farming on sustainable modern practices with inclusive community programs for all categories of Nigerian farmers.

Addressing the media, after the tour, Obaseki said: “We just realized after this tour that we have such a secret in Nigeria, where so much work was done using biotechnologies for growing food crops much more organically and efficiently,”

The governor acknowledged that he was impressed with the opportunities that help farmers and investors identify different types of soil throughout the country and the treatment that will make the soil more productive.

According to him, using tissue culture to identify types of plants and food crops, where you can strengthen or use various scientific methods to make these plants more productive, to make sure they have higher yields, is pleased.

Obaseki, reaffirming his administration’s commitment to partnering with the company, said;

“I think that we certainly want to start piloting, because part of the problems that we have in Nigeria is that we are talking about ideas. Sometimes we cry and can never do something.

“Our strategy in Edo State is just to execute. We have to register here next week to start a pilot and hopefully expand it, because we have seen here, and therefore we don’t need to talk about it, but go and do it. We look at cassava … .banana and pineapples, because in the state of Edo there are some of the best pineapples in the country. "

In his remarks, Dr. Benoy Berry, said, Contec Global Agro sets the pace in organic farming throughout the country, with particular attention to the development of sustainable agriculture with inclusive community programs for all categories of farmers.

According to him, the company is committed to the concept of agricultural development as a unique concept that includes farmers and producers, providing agro-resources and services with one window, providing farm resources, supporting farmers with bio-protective fertilizers and training with convergence internationally suitable for local farming conditions.


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