Dr. Stanley Uzochukwu is on a Mission to Positively Change the Nigerian Narrative


Restructuring of the image of oil retail in Nigeria and placing on the map of Nigeria, Dr. Stanel Uzochukwu was on a mission to incite a complete overhaul of theStanley Uzochukwe Nigerian global image. Renewing the level of infrastructure in the country and its passion for young people, ranging from employment to empowering entrepreneurship, it’s not surprising that Nigerian society University of Sunderland, The United Kingdom specifically invited Dr. Stanley Uzochukwu as an honorary guest speaker to celebrate the independence of Nigeria. 58 “The urgency of creating a prosperous state and the risk of national debt growth: can youth leadership and restructuring be the answer?”

CEO Stanel Group delivered a speech at a gala event on the topic "Nigerian youth population, a catalyst for recalibrating the debt profile and the economy of Nigeria." where he supported the unconditional significance of the role of youth in the economy of Nigeria. He said that the only thing missing from the huge number of young people in Nigeria, which makes up 50% of the total population, is the entrepreneurial spirit. He believes that there are up to 90 million potential young entrepreneurs, which is an excellent testament to the tremendous development that can be achieved if these entrepreneurs are encouraged and supported in the proper way to eventually raise the Nigerian economy and put the debt profile on rest.

He continued to list plausible sectors in which youth entrepreneurship can thrive and benefit Nigeria. He defines agriculture as the first sector, since he contributed 21.6% of Nigeria's nominal GDP as a rich natural resource, provided that about 30% of jobs in the economy and if borrowed money properly can double Nigeria's income. His brainchild, the Stanel Group, managed to invest in this sector by creating a subsidiary, Stanel Farms, which provides high-quality agricultural and livestock products 20% cheaper than the market. This subsidiary was able to provide jobs for more than 12,000 young people and ensure that its customers use healthy eating habits.

The globalization of Nigerian music and film will make art, entertainment and recreation the second and last sector of the Nigerian economy, which Dr. Stanley suggests young entrepreneurs use. He believes that with innovations such as IrokoTv, The Nigerian economy will be on track to double income in the shortest possible time. On the other hand, the Stanel Group is investing in arts and entertainment, attracting youth ambassadors from this sector to promote its brand for a beautiful contribution. This profound speech not only enlightens, but also encourages young people to start exploring entrepreneurship in the process of raising their homeland and re-calibrating its economy.

On this trip to the United Kingdom, Dr. Stanley Uzochukwu also attended the inaugural meeting of the International Advisory Board at the University of Oxford, where he received the kind vice president of His Excellency Professor Amy Osinbaggio and congratulated the Governor of Kaduna His Excellency Malam Nasir Ahmad El-Rufay at his inauguration to the board. With the great contribution of the Stanel Group to the Nigerian economy and its recent flight to represent Nigeria positively in the United Kingdom, Dr. Stanley Uzochukwu really is the catalyst for Nigeria’s global image.

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