Dog breeding can create jobs for Nigerians, say entrepreneurs


Just like commercial poultry breeding, dog breeding has been viewed by experts as a sustainable business with the possibility of creating jobs for the unemployed.

According to some veterinarians, the breeding of dogs is becoming increasingly useful because of the escalation of uncertainty in the country and the need to provide homes and offices with safe and reliable guards found in dogs.

Human security guards may endanger security and even pose a threat to service and home owners, but dogs will not. Therefore, the use of dogs is becoming popular not only for protection, but also as faithful companions.

Various breeds of dogs include the Alsatian, Doberman Pinscher, German Shepherd and Belgian malinois.

The CEO of the divine dignity of Animalistic Konsult, Clement Oluvasola, told The Guardian that “it’s important that someone who wants to breed dogs to get the best breeds that will serve the customers’ goals.”

Oluvasola said: “For young people who want to practice dog breeding in order to maximize profits, I would not want them to underestimate the importance of the cleanliness of the breed line and the accuracy of the species.”

Steps in dog breeding

Dog breeding can create jobs for Nigerians, say entrepreneurs
Dog breeding can create jobs for Nigerians, say entrepreneurs

Before making a conclusion about dog breeding, you need to take several steps. First, farmers and veterinarians advise that dogs receive reliable sources to ensure a clean breed line. Secondly, marketing research and plans should be implemented to ensure where to sell dogs without problems. Keeping puppies for more than three months because of the inability to sell represents a danger to the business, as this increases the cost of production, which can not be repaid by selling the puppies after that.

How to breed a dog

First of all, make sure that you have a nice, pleasant and supportive environment to keep dogs, creating comfortable cells for them. The construction of cells for dogs is mandatory, but they can be let go in a fenced environment. For convenience, it is necessary to separate dogs of male and female, and dogs of different breeds should be placed in different ways. Access to male dogs for women should be limited in order to avoid too early breeding and crossing. Men should have access to women ready to mate.

Too early reproduction threatens the health of dogs, and fewer puppies can result from too early reproduction, which can also lead to high mortality. Cross-breeding distorts the purity of the breed, which can also affect the marketability of puppies and, consequently, leads to poor pricing policies and a reduction in profits for the breeder.

Feeding and nutrition

Feeding dogs with nutrient fodder is one of the most important factors for successful breeding of dogs.

Bola Aiodele, the breeder of dogs, said: “From infancy they need to be fed with breast milk, which could be supplemented. And after they grow up to the stage of maturity, they should be fed with their best food, which is a bone to keep them in strength. ”

Kliment, who said earlier, added that, in addition to food, the corresponding veterinary assistance will deal not only with vaccination programs, but with infectious diseases. “We can not get the best result from feeding them without veterinary help,” he said. He advised that only professional veterinarians should patronize.

Need a license to start a business for breeding dogs?
Mr. Matthew Oyeleke, a dog breeder in Ilorin, Kwara, shared his experience with The Guardian, said: “You do not need a license to start a dog. However, Oyeleka acknowledged that the registration of an enterprise name is important if the breeder means a serious business.

Anyone who is interested can breed dogs and make a living. In addition, personal development on how best to breed, cross breed, feed / feed and marketing, should be the best in the breeder’s skill sets, as there is little room for mediocrity in business.

Business Sensation

The main reason for breeding dogs is maximizing profits, which is extremely important for reducing unemployment and poverty among young people. The essence of business is to generate a steady income, satisfying the needs of customers. Such needs, again, include the safety of life and property; protection of the farm; Police services and wars with the drug trade and weapons operations.

In addition to breeding dogs for domestic, business and farm guards, they can be useful in different places, for example, in banks, detective services in the air and in seaports.

People, especially the middle class and rich Nigerians, keep dogs for friendship, which are usually called pets. These classes of people are targets when it comes to commercial breeding of dogs.

“I know some people who keep dogs as class and wealth, to the extent that they have a huge budget for their dogs per year,” Clement said.

The Economics of Dog Breeding

Owner Mathew Concepts, Ilorin, Oyeleke, during The Guardian’s briefing on the economics of raising and breeding dogs, said: “We have different kinds of dogs, for example, Rottweiler, Doberman, Bur, Bull, Caucasian and Mastiff.”

Prices for puppies depend on the breed, age and health of the dog. Some puppies are sold for N100,000, N80,000 or N70,000, depending on the purity of the rocks, he said.

The number of litters (puppies) also determines when the breeder will pay back the capital, but in general Oyele said that the breeder can break even after a year with a single clean breed. With five or more puppies the farmer could receive income, which some paid jobs could not give in a year.
Oyeleke said that if a farmer breeds 50 puppies from five dogs a year and sells an average of 150,000 people each, such a farmer could smile at the bank with about N2.5 million or more, adding that the cost of feeding and veterinary services on dogs should not exceed N500,000 per year.

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He, however, reported that illnesses and infections, high cost of feeding and difficulties with marketing are some of the problems that dog breeding has to deal with. According to him, the spread of mixed breeds by some unscrupulous elements de-sells business, creating sales problems for real entrepreneurs.

Olu Solomon, another breeder, confirmed that dog breeding, although it requires and requires regular expenses for feeding, healing and strengthening, is a business that could benefitfully keep diligent people engaged in a decent life.

He told The Guardian that two types of breeds are hot pies. According to him, the German shepherd and rottweiler are two breeds with high demand from the Nigerians.

Dog breeding can create jobs for Nigerians, say entrepreneurs
Dog breeding can create jobs for Nigerians, say entrepreneurs

“From their own experience, the puppies of German Sheppard and Rottweiler are sold faster than others. Although other breeds also sell, but do not like them, “he said.

If a farmer buys a puppy for £ 25,000 and he eats rice, fish and chicken feet, for example, less than 6,000 should be enough a month. And as he grows, he eats more, costing an average of N6,000 to N7,000 per month. But the German Sheppard, whom he bought, does not really eat much, in contrast to other breeds of dogs.

Olu said that the number of puppies born in the cycle “depends on the linearity of the dogs; some can give birth to nine puppies or even more. I was faced with the fact that I gave birth to 15 puppies. But the problem is that the higher the number of puppies, the higher the mortality rate. So it’s better with an average of seven and eight puppies. ”

Having identified the breeding potential of breeding dogs, Olu said: “I sell puppies, starting at five or six weeks. The German puppy of Sheppard is about 25,000 people, depending on who the client is. German Sheppard has ratings. There are some that make up N30,000 up. So many people want good dogs, but, ironically, they do not want to pay for it. ”

He, however, warned that “it is not recommended to cross the dogs in the first period of heat. So, starting from eight months up, they reach the stage of maturity. And some at the age of 11 to 12 months. ”

Another side benefit of the pedigree dogs, Oyekune and Olu, agreed that dogs for breeding serve two purposes of generating income and protecting the life and property of the investor.

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