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Fisheries, no doubt, are a profitable enterprise with a constantly growing market in Nigeria and a very untapped market at the international level.

I have been growing fish for some time, and I would like to share my little knowledge of how a simple person can participate in a lucrative fish farm with little capital without having to break a bank.

Running a highly profitable fish farm involves good thinking and the ability to make smart decisions that can help you save money. This begins with the selection of a fish pond, which I will discuss in this article.

For many years (I think, hundreds of years), different kinds of fish ponds developed with newer types, improving their predecessors.

The main thing was an earthen pond, but he had limitations that needed to be eliminated.

It is easily flooded with rain or overflowing the river (for those who are located on the banks of rivers).

In addition, since earthen ponds are difficult to locate in enclosed places, the owners suffered losses from poachers and thieves.

Concrete ponds appeared on board and became very popular for use in growing fish.

They can be built inside the owners of the residential complex, thereby reducing the risk of loss due to theft and poaching.

Since most of them are built above the ground, they do not get a light flood from the rains.

But again, specific ponds still had some problems associated with them.

First, they are expensive to build.

Secondly, a small design error can easily lead to cracks and leaks, which will jeopardize high capital investment. The retention of such leaks can be a little expensive.

Concrete ponds, by their nature, are associated with some construction that must last for a long time, so this makes them inaccessible to tenants who live in rented apartments (as only very few landlords, if any, will entertain such structures).

Another problem is related to the immobility of specific ponds. If, for some reason, the owner wants to move, there are not so many opportunities left to destroy the structure (thereby losing investment).

To solve some problems with specific ponds, plastic ponds appeared, and soon the canvas ponds followed.

Despite the fact that in this industry simply called "canvas ponds", canvas ponds in this case do not consist of ordinary tarpaulins (for example, those used for leasing canopies or tents).

The fish pond tarpaulins are actually strengthened (light, but very tough for ripping), so the potential buyer (online or offline) should be careful enough to look for "reinforced tarpaulin ponds" rather than "tarpaulin ponds" to avoid forgery ,

One of the main differences between ponds made of plastic and tarpaulins is in price.

Tarpaul plates are much cheaper than plastic ponds. For example, while N75,000 can only get a 4,000-liter plastic pond, as currently (August 30, 2018), you can install a canvas pond for about 11,326 liters from the Benauvat Benaute ponds with the same amount.

Another difference or area where canvas ponds have an edge over plastic ponds is in their tolerability (comparative ease of folding and moving them), and also in the area of ​​the surface available for oxygen exchange (which greatly increases fish growth).

You can destroy the components of the canvas pond, move it and easily adjust it in the right place – be it your free agricultural land (they are very suitable for large-scale fish farming), a backyard or any room in the complex, the living room or even in your bedroom (how much you have enough ventilation for fish).

However, there is a slight twist in the use of the canvas pond, which I highlighted in a separate article heading "Lack of using a foldable mobile canvas pond" (you can quickly find it on Google).

You can also look for "costly mistakes that should be avoided when using a mobile pond for tarpaulins."

As is typical of Nigeria, any good product will soon be filled with imitations, torn by desperate and unruly people.

The pioneer of the canvas pond is Benuwatts Company Limited (as far as I know). I knew about their reinforced canvas ponds from 2012.

But recently (around the end of 2016) many people flooded the market with fake tarpaulin ponds, and with this appeared a lot of complaints about canvas ponds.

Therefore, in order to solve this bogus problem, Benuwatts created an online presence for its tarpaulin products so that customers throughout Nigeria could simply go to their website, order an order and have a tarpaulin-tarpaulin for customers.

In conclusion, there is no doubt that a mobile pond for tarpaulin is the way to go if you want to launch a lucrative fish farm. But this is only if you buy real tarpaulins.

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