Cereal Institute to release hybrid rice soon – Executive Direc


The National Grain Institute of Badeggi, Niger, intends to release a hybrid rice variety to the Nigerian market as part of the ongoing efforts of the federal government to ensure self-sufficiency in rice production.

The Institute's Executive Director Dr. Aliy Umar reported this in an interview to reporters on Monday in Minna.

He explained that the hybrid initiative will be the latest innovation in the numerous breakthroughs of the Institute in agricultural research.

He explained that the yield from hybrid rice far outweighs the openly coordinated type and other well-known varieties that are currently in circulation between Nigeria and African farmers, saying: "very soon we are going to triple current production with the release of a hybrid side-by-side other improved varieties ".

He said that the Institute adopts biotechnology as a departure from traditional breeding methods in response to the changing trend towards increased food production.

According to him, the Institute was able to make a significant breakthrough in the implementation of its mandate by developing various high-yielding varieties of rice that adapt to the entire ecology of the country with resistance to diseases and pests.

"As for us in the current dispensation, we want to transfer the research to a higher level, where the yield per hectare, which the farmer falls under his field condition, should be higher," he said.

The hybrid initiative will be the second time that the Institute will release high-yielding rice varieties to the market in the last two years.

The Daily Trust recalls that at the end of last year, two types of rice were produced, FARO 66 and FARO 67 and a variety of sugar cane NCS-009.

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