Cellulant Is Africa’s One-Stop-Shop For Payments – Bolaji Akinboro


Cellulant Payments, “Our platform provides end users easy, reliable and secured access to mobile and payment services from their mobile phone and through our expansive agent network.”

The above words were that of Bolaji Akinboro, the Co-Founder of Cellulant Corporation and

Cellulant Payments
Cellulant Payments

the CEO of Cellulant Nigeria Limited. Prior to assuming this role, Bolaji was responsible for the Growth Enhancement Support Scheme (GES) project; an agricultural subsidy program for the Federal Government of Nigeria which enabled the disbursement of fertilizer, seed and other agricultural inputs worth about $1B to rural farmers through an e-wallet platform; a project which has now spread to Liberia, Togo and most recently Afghanistan.

Prior to this, Bolaji had driven Sales and Marketing at Procter & Gamble in Nigeria. He set up P&G in Ghana where he served as its founding executive and grew the business from scratch to a US$10M per year business in two years. He was recruited by the World Bank through KPMG to head the Business Development Unit for its Africa Virtual University (AVU) project in East Africa.

During this time he met Ken and they founded Cellulant; where he provided strategic and financial support from a board position till his resumption as the CEO of Cellulant Nigeria in 2014.Bolaji has also served as Country Director for Plan-international in Malawi and Tanzania.

An alumnus of the Oxford University Business Economics Program, Bolaji, a Pharmacy graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University in Nigeria, holds a Post-Graduate Certificate in Management from Herriot Watt University in the UK. He is our Personality of the Month.
Recognizing Bolaji as our personality of the month has become imperative because of the impact his company, Cellulant has made and is currently still making in the agriculture industry.

Cellulant Payments
Cellulant Is Africa’s One-Stop-Shop For Payments – Bolaji Akinboro

Cellulant, through the visionary leadership and innovative capacity of the CEO, in the year 2016, emerged Africa’s no.1 company in the payments & transfers category – FIntech Awards. As a PPISP (Payment Platform Infrastructure Service Provider) regulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and insured by Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC), the company provides the platform that powers the internet of payments with dominant market position across 12 Sub-Saharan countries – Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Zambia, Mozambique, Tanzania, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Malawi.

According to Bolaji; “our payment infrastructure (Cellulant Payments) and ecosystem gives governments, donors, corporate businesses, merchants, retailers, agents and consumers access to payment instruments (cards, bank accounts, wallets & premium rated short-codes), stores of value (banks, mobile money accounts & prepaid cards/tokens), and payment channels (agents, apps, web portals & payment APIs for shopping cart checkout). We are Africa’s one-stop-shop for payments. When you connect to Cellulant, you get everything in payment.”

“Our platform provides end users easy, reliable and secure access to mobile and payment services from their mobile phone and through our expansive agent network. Currently the ecosystem connects 28 mobile operators, over 31 banks and more than 200 blue chip companies; for them, it has become the most effective utility to deliver services to the 210 million mobile users covered and 40 million addressable customers”.

Cellulant payments technology has been leveraged on with the introduction of Agrikore (an agric-based technology that ensures farmers access to equitable financial services) to provide solutions to improve Agriculture on the continent and beyond. Agrikore is designed to power agriculture transformation across the globe, The Agrikore platform provides tools and an enabling environment within the agriculture value chain that connects everyone to everything in agriculture, everywhere, all the time.

Birthed in Nigeria and nurtured in Liberia, Agrikore envisions a world where every farmer has access to financial services, productivity enhancing technologies & best practices, access to markets for Inputs & Access to Output Markets via the mobile phone. In order to make the vision become a reality, Agrikore has created an ecosystem that comprises of Governments, Development Partners, Financial Institutions, Input Suppliers, Farmers and Off-Takers. The platform leverages on a block chain technology in order to safeguard the ecosystem, bringing transparency and credibility into the agricultural initiative.

Under the Growth Enhancement Support Scheme in Nigeria, over 15million farmers used the Cellulant platform to make equity contributions to more than 2500 agro-dealers and 223 upstream operators.

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Cellulant is also collaborating with the Liberia Ministry of Agriculture for the Liberia Agriculture Transformation Agenda in conjunction with the African Development Bank (AfDB) with the target of leveraging on e-Wallet technology to serve over 318,000 farmers.

As a high-level technology company, Cellulant, without a doubt, believes in creating business opportunities for organizations and providing solutions to everyday payment challenges across Africa.