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Agrobusinessngr.com is Nigeria’s premier national magazine on agriculture and its related businesses. > To bring free to the knowledge of Nigerians, various ways of making and creating wealth through agriculture. > To fight poverty, hunger and starvation, by encouraging more Nigerians to engage in the business of food production. > The need to give a voice to the Nigerian farmer and agribusiness practitioner. > Showcase and make new discoveries, technologies, innovations, etc. visible. > To inform and educate readers, farmers and would-be farmers. > To represent the Nigerian farmer and agribusiness practitioner on government policies that affects their businesses for positive outcomes. > To offer trainings to farmers and would-be farmers through seminars and workshops. > To organize events; expos, fairs, etc. > To give recognitions to practitioners that have contributed to the growth and development of the sector. > To attract investors (local and international) into the agricultural sector of Nigeria. Engage in partnerships/collaborations that will advance the sector. With a pool of competent, seasoned and information driven team; who are authorities at various capacities, such as soil scientist, animal scientist, agronomist, environmentalist, journalist, IT experts, and planners to mention a few, we work collectively to provide cutting edge information, insights, solutions, recent discoveries, and trends to the general public, while communicating the potentials, opportunities and prospects inherent in agriculture.



How To Become Successful Cocoa Farmer

In the 80s, cocoa was arguably one of the major cash-crops relied upon as a foreign exchange earner, which serves as the major employment...


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