Researchers List The Economic Use Of Cassava peels


“Cassava peels” Thanks to innovations and technologies, cassava peels have shifted from environmental inconvenience to important economic materials used in animal feed and mushroom production, among others.

Studies have shown that the crust is 20.1% tubers, suggesting that about 4.2 metric tons of cassava husks per hectare are available annually for feeding ruminant animals such as goats, pigs and poultry.

Professor Kolawole Adebayo, a professor at the Federal Agricultural University, Abeokuta (FUNAAB), said: “The cassava crust is essentially a fiber that contains starch from excessive peeling by rural farmers. One of the first areas that we pay attention to when we talk about the economic significance of the bush bark is the feeding of ruminants and livestock, in particular, peels, which are in wet form, which boiled a little, and then were used as feed for pigs ” .

Another way to use cassava peels, according to Adebayo, is “when we make it a layer for growing mushrooms.” And mushrooms are high in fiber and protein, which are very nutritious. All of them are of paramount importance cassava peel. “

Adebayo added that cassava nuts are considered part of the soap ingredients if they are burned, but he personally did not do it to confirm how effective he is, but he is confident that it is theoretically possible.

He said: “Some of my colleagues have also added value for cassava nuts, by deciding and placing them in other livestock feeds. But I think this is a very expensive alternative.

“If you are familiar with the environment of growing cassava, you will notice that about 10% of cassava is a solid waste, and this can be a nuisance if it is not properly controlled. Over the years, I’ve been conducting some work groups with the World Bank to find out how we can commercially convert this into income-generating products, especially for the poor. “

Similarly, according to a study conducted by Iheanacho Okike, a scientist from the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) in Ibadan, “the new process and innovations can also release about two million tons of corn for human consumption that would otherwise have been used for animals that make a significant contribution to efforts to ensure food security in the country. “

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Cassava peels: Researchers List The Economic Use Of Cassava peels
Cassava peels: Researchers List The Economic Use Of Cassava peels

There are several existing drying technologies, gratings and canning cassava preserves that will serve as a key to providing an easily accessible and sustainable source of pet food that will increase income for farmers.

According to the researchers, the use of cassava nuts as a partial replacement of corn in the diet of young pigs was economically viable. The study also found that up to 57% of the inclusion level does not have harmful and harmful effects on pigs.

Ms. Bola Ademo, a female farmer in Oyo State, also showed that the economic value of processing cassava nuts is very high, although the equipment used in the processing of cassava peels is very expensive

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