‘Capacity building crucial for sustainable farming, agribusinesses’


‘Capacity building crucial for sustainable farming, agribusinesses’ 1

Dr. Babajide Adelekan, Vice-Rector of the Federal Agricultural Agricultural Enterprise, Ibadan, Oyo State,

Education in agriculture is one of the most important factors of sustainable agriculture, since the lack of adequate technical know-how has contributed to business disruptions in the agro-industrial sectors.

These were some materials from the Vice-Rector of the Federal Agricultural College (FCA), Dr. Babajid Adelekan, in Ibadan. Adekan said that the unemployment rate in Nigeria is becoming unbecoming, describing the situation as alarming. However, he was optimistic that agriculture could create jobs, wealth and support industrial development, if genuine efforts, intentional investments and capacity building were directed to the sector.

He said this, opening in 2018 the annual agricultural training of the federal government on Monday. About 120 Nigerians were selected to build weekly capacity to develop human resources for food security and livelihood survival. Adelekan said that post-college surveys conducted by the college proved that past programs had a positive effect on the lives of participants.

“The program has improved in terms of the lives of young people, women and retirees in particular,” he said. Training, as usual, covers food production; fishing / processing; use / maintenance of agricultural machinery; honey production; developing cassava chains and growing snails.

However, the training coordinator, Dr. Olutayo Adenekan, showed that the number of participants decreased from 200 to 120 due to very limited resources for this year’s graduation. He said that capacity building was free for participants and that free meals, transport fares and training materials would be provided for participants.

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