Beekeeping can earn Nigeria multi-million dollars annually Agric official



Beekeeping, if used properly, can boost Nigeria's economy by several million dollars in profit per year.

Recently, the director and chief veterinarian (CVO) of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Dr. Dooshima Kwange, was opened in Abuja.

Gwang, who described beekeeping as a highly profitable agribusiness in Nigeria, noted that investing in the beekeeping industry would help Nigeria earn huge assets than crude oil.

According to her, "The market around the world is huge, almost 2 billion dollars a year, and we really do not use it, because we did not pay attention to this industry.

She hinted that by September 20, 2018 in Abuja an international conference "The Beekeeping Industry for Sustainable Development, Creation of Wealth and Economic Diversification" will be held.

According to her, Expo is an intercultural and intercontinental honey show held by a non-governmental organization in Kampala, Uganda, which is usually held jointly with countries for the development of the beekeeping industry by assisting the Ministry of Agriculture and other shareholders.

The director added that the government is also trying to infiltrate other sectors of the economy, mainly agriculture, and distract from oil, saying that the beauty of the industry is that it is not as extravagant as other businesses.

Gwang, who stated that the ministry was open to cooperation with foreign partners, begged the Nigerians to accept beekeeping for its economic and diverse benefits.

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