Association Calls For Consistency In Agric Policy Implementation


The Farm Management Association of Nigeria (FAMAN) has affirmed that  sustainable agricultural growth can only be achieved through consistency  in policy implementation and adoption of research-based trials capable  of addressing agricultural problems in the country.

This is the position of the association in a communiqué it issued at the recently concluded 30th Annual National Conference of FAMAN held at the University of Abuja.

Similarly, the association reiterated the need for its members to engage scientists, including leading biotechnologists, to address the influence of demands on Nigerian agriculture.


FAMAN expressed its resolve to work hand in hand with National Biotechnology

Development Agency (NABDA) in areas of value addition, farm management  and agricultural mapping development in the country.

The group called on government to empower ADPs with resources and increasing their personnel base, giving state ADPs the opportunity to be more proactive in pursuing the use of innovations that farmers can easily adopt.

The association commended government’s efforts through provision of improved, more efficient public investment and increasing competitiveness of the agricultural sub-sector.

The event closed with election of a new executive council for 2016-2018 with Dr. Damian I. Agom emerging as national president; Professor Haruna Usman, vice president I; Professor P.C. Ike as vice president II; and Mr. F.D. Mulak as national secretary.