ARMTI, AARDO Partner For Rural Devt


The Agricultural and Rural Management Training Institute (ARMTI) in Ilorin, Kvara, is collaborating with the African Asian Rural Development Organisation (AARDO) on initiatives that will contribute to broader rural development and agricultural development.

AARDO Secretary-General Vassi Hasan El-Sreikhin, who was on a visit to ARMTI, to resume and strengthen cooperation and cooperation with the institute as one of the centers of excellence in the African region, said he was impressed by the ARMTI and ongoing training and programs,

According to him, AARDO is working to improve the critical role of agriculture and rural development.

This includes identifying strategies that will enable people to take advantage of the reconstruction of rural areas, to ensure and strengthen the links between town and country.

He also explained the mechanisms of cooperation between AARDO and ARMTI in capacity building programs in the field of rural development.

El-Sreikhin thanked the Executive Director of ARMTI Dr. Olufemi Oladunni and expressed his desire to revive old partnerships, capacity building and exchange programs to improve the productivity of both organizations.

During his visit, he was sent on a tour of the institute and facilities.

ARMTI, AARDO Partner For Rural Devt
ARMTI, AARDO Partner For Rural Devt

He also visited one of the communities of the ARITI Village Alive Development Initiative (VADI) (Fufu Village) and the cassava processing center that the institute built to help increase the productivity of local farmers.

Oladunni said that the institute’s programs are aimed at accelerating employment in rural areas.

According to him, ARMTI strives to strengthen the research and decision-making capacity on the food market analysis and urban / rural connections of researchers, students, government employees and private groups, adding that the overall goal is to promote the sustainability of the food system.

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He explained that the research activity of ARMTI is to analyze, evaluate and support innovations and transformations in agriculture.

Particular attention is paid to the opportunities, tasks and changes arising from the dynamics of the value chain.

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