Animal Testing Positive for Swine Flu at Shiawassee County Fair



The outbreak of the deadly virus closes the appeal at the local fair of the district.

The organizers find out how pigs were infected with swine flu at the Shiawasse County Fair.

Closed signs and fencing conceal the pig hut Siavasee, even with one pig.

This is because on Thursday night Fair Manager Ric Crawford and the superintendents of the barn noticed that a group of pigs began to look sick.

Some of them even drank 105-degree fevers, forcing Crawford to call the state veterinarian.

"She came out that night when she was doing samples on our suspicious animals, and the next day we called from the state, and said that one test returned to positive results for swine flu," Crawford said.

With more than 30 years of experience, Crawford knew that he must act quickly for the safety of both animals and fair visitors.

"In accordance with the recommendations of the state veterinarian and the Ministry of Agriculture and Development of the State of Michigan (MDARD), we place quarantine in our pig department in response to one animal that has had a positive effect on the flu," the statement said on Facebook.

The pork barn closed for about 3 hours. on Friday, and it was closed to the public so that they could quarantine pigs that could be infected.

One of the nearly 400 pigs in the barn was Brian Fry. Despite the fact that his pig had no symptoms, the opportunity was enough to scare.

"I felt that it would be dangerous for my pig, because I did not know everything about the flu, so I was afraid that it could damage the pig and affect the sale," Fry said.

But pigs are not only at risk. Just two weeks ago, two people who visited Family Fair Fowlerville signed a contract for swine flu,

It's just a little more than 25 miles from the Shiawasse County Fair. Fry said that such stories worry him.

"I just hope that no one will get sick," Fry said.

But Rick Crawford said that their quick action, I hope, prevented this. He said the state veterinarian spent several hours checking every pig, and still only one put a positive result.

Once the barn was cleaned, all the healthy pigs were taken home, and now the process of deep cleansing creatures.

While there are no fair visitors who have shown symptoms, Crawford said that they will continue to closely monitor the situation.

"If you were at the Shiawasse County Fair and you have flu symptoms, talk to your doctor, tell them that you are here, and notify us if they think it's from swine flu," Crawford said.

All other animal exhibits remain open to visitors.

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