Animal Care Showcases New Mineral Supplements For Cows, Horses


Animal Care Services in Lagos has developed two new mineral supplements for the growth of cows and horses.

The new supplements are named Energy Licks and Premium Block.

The two products were displayed yesterday at the just concluded Poultry Show in Abeokuta, Ogun State.

A representative of the company at the show, Akarator Lawrence, told reporters that the supplements were aimed at helping cattle as well as horse owners rear their animals.

He said they will supplement the minerals and salt the animals get from their routine feeds which, he said, would enhance their growth and performance.

Lawrence added that as mineral supplement, all the farmers needed was to pour Energy Licks on the ground for the animals to lick while the animals themselves will lick the Premium Block which is in form of a block when placed before them.

He said 7.5kg of Energy Licks costs N12,000 for the horses’ brand and N10,000 for the cow brand while 10kg of Premium Block costs N3,550.

Some farmers, who visited the stand, expressed satisfaction with the products with some seen buying them.