All local government areas must have standard abattoirs Abiola



The appeal was directed to all levels to provide, at least, a standard battery in each district of the local federation management.

During the conversation with the Nigerian tribune, a counselor of the Nigerian Institute of Animal Science (NIAS) for processing and storing cattle, Professor Samuel Abiola was appointed during the training on slaughter / slaughter operations and harvesting that took place on board. Department of Animal Science, University of Ibadan, recently.

"We expect that the government will provide funds that will be adequate, have a standard battery in each local government, and after all this is in place and people are trained, then, of course, we should not have problems with meat, because what we do after is the production of quality meat for human consumption.

"Thus, the government must provide the foundation, facilities and at the same time provide land, so that there is no competition between landowners, farmers and butchers."

He, however, advised slaughterhouse operators, especially butchers, to ensure that they comply with the rules and regulations governing their operations at any time. "We have a standard that is the type of animals that must be killed, the type of meat that must be obtained from the slaughterhouse and the hygenic methods that must be performed. They should be able to maintain a good level of hygiene in the slaughterhouse. "

Professor Abiola said that the reason for the training was to increase the knowledge of stakeholders in operations with loopholes, as well as to work together as teams to ensure that we had quality meat products for human consumption.

"We have veterinary farmers, cattle breeders, processors and butchers. It is necessary that they all work together to achieve the same goal, because we want to ensure that at the end of the day we have quality meat products that are safe for consumption. "

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