AIRDEF trains farmers on tomato, shea butter, kenaf processing


Shea butter, AIRDEF

FARMERS in Ibadan have received tutelage from Agric Investors and Resources Development Forum (AIRDEF), a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), on the production of tomato, bitter kola, sheabutter, kenaf and other farm crops.

While speaking with the Nigeria Tribune on the sideline of a seminar put together by AIRDEF themed: Soil and grass: Building potentials, which held at Jogor Centre, Ibadan, the Preseident, AIRDEF, Oluwaseun Olla, informed that the seminar is aimed at disseminating research results through detailed information about agricultural processes.

She said: “We try to educate people and inform them about the latest and innovative technology about agricultural processes and production. We are trying to sensitise especially the youth to get into agribusiness, telling them how to go about it from scratch to the table.

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“At the long run, we intend to put together new set of farmers that would do agriculture in the right way, I mean the modern way and getting it right from the beginning to become successful agrientrepreneurs.”

Speaking on agricultural practice in Nigeria, Olla, said:”Nigeria is not practicing agriculture the right way and that is why we found ourselves where we are today. We are still far away from practicing agriculture the way it supposed to and that is why AIRDEF has come together to start sensitising and teaching people, talking to people about doing agriculture in the right way. We hope to get there soonest but we are still very far from it.”

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