AgroNigeria floats TV series to attract youths


Agro-business firm AgroNigeria stated that it provided Nollywood services and creative actors for making films and television series to encourage young people to farm.

The Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Richard-Marc Mbaram, made a public announcement at a press conference on Wednesday in Lagos.

Mbaram said that it is necessary to demonstrate the attractiveness, advantages and wealth in the agricultural sector to youth through films and television series.
Mbaram said that the television series will demonstrate Niger's agility potential as capable of leading the economic development of Africa, if it is properly used.

"We want to use the screen to demystify the notion that agriculture is a complex sector; therefore, cooperating with some well-known figures in the Nollywood industry to demonstrate the agriculture sector.

"The first phase in Nigeria will swallow N350 million, while N350 million will be spent on the continental level.
"The funds will be received from our support partners, including the African Development Bank (ADB); OXFARM and the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT), "he said.

Mbaram cited the Cock Crow at Dawn telegram of the 1970s, transmitted by the Nigerian Television Office (NTA), as one example of a firm's research to continue the Agro Nolly series.

He said that rural areas, where the main activities in agriculture will be domiciled, will become the main coordinators of this series, as well as highlight the consequences of government actions and inaction in this sector.

"The time has come when the political class in Nigeria begins to consider the consequences of its actions and inaction.

Nigeria must unite its actions to systematically exploit opportunities in this sector.

"We need to show and talk about the problems associated with transport and marketing. In other countries, transportation of agricultural products is easy, but in Nigeria it is hard work because of the condition of our roads, "he said.

AgroNigeria is the organizer and driver of the Feed Nigeria Summit, the annual meeting of agribusiness stakeholders around the world.

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