Agro Opportunities In Bauchi State


Bauchi State Agricultural Development Programme (BSADP)

The Bauchi State Agricultural Development Programme (BSADP) is the agricultural policy implementation of the State. The policy encompasses all segments of Agriculture and Rural Development
A. Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Provision of sound planning support for both on-going and future project through preparation of annual work plans and budget and conduct of studies designed to assist in future plans.
The directorate also provides timely information on projects through comprehensive information system for guiding management in making sound decision. It further conducts surveys to measure performance and impact of projects. Core surveys and studies are mandatory for identification of problems and remedies to both socio-economic and technical issue.
The directorate generate all data and distribute appropriately all data pertinent to the agricultural and rural development for the state.
B. Administration and Training This directorate is mandated with the responsibilities of assisting the management in assessing manpower needs. It also provide advisory role in matters pertaining recruitments, promotion, discipline, exit from service and other related administrative issues. The directorate also assists the management in identifying the training needs of both the staff of the Programme and farmer and also establishes the strategies to meet up the skill gap.
C. Agric. Technical Services It is mandatory on the directorate to develop location specific technologies for sustainable intensification of principal farming system through critical research endeavour encompassing all the sectoral area of crops, livestock, fisheries and agroforestry. The proven and simple technology so developed is then passed the extension system to the end users.
D. Rural Institution Development (RID) This directorate has been mandated to sensitize rural populace to organize themselves into viable self-help groups and to revitalize the existing ones and strengthen the capacity of women and men groups to be able to design, implement, manage and control own development initiatives for their own benefit. It is also within the mandate of the directorate to link rural groups to rural-oriented public and private agencies to enhance rural productivity.
E. Extension Services This directorate is mandated to source simple, appropriate and affordable technologies and strategically transfer sam
This Agricultural Development Project will seek to apply statewide the successful experience of the Gombe project (Loan 1164-UNI) which was located in the south east of Bauchi State. Similar to its predecessor, the project will consist of a package of farm support services and physical infrastructure designed to benefit some 425,000 smallholder families throughout the State.
Support services will include extension advice, improved seeds, farm input supply and crop protection measures. Physical infrastructure will include the construction and maintenance of feeder roads and a major program of rural water supply. To implement the project the State Ministry of Agriculture will be reorganized to accommodate four zonal units of management, each modelled along lines similar to the Gombe Management Unit. A number of senior posts will be filled initially by internationally recruited staff and a massive training program will be undertaken to upgrade local managerial and technical skills.
Consultant services will be engaged to recruit senior staff and to support the project management with specialized skills and services. A statewide study of the highway system will be undertaken to assess requirements for the expansion and improvement of the road network in support of the proposed project.