Agro Business Investment Overview


Get N560,000 & Above Agro-Business Finance for Massive Cassava Production Opportunity

Be part of the Internationally-sponsored Wealth-Sure Global Resources group Agricultural Production project for Food Security and Agro-business processing revolution.
An expanse of farmland is to be secured in hectares on Lease for Massive Cassava farming, undertaken on your behalf.
Immeasurable farmland is also available for outright purchase to produce Rice, Maize, Plantain, Tomatoes, Water Melon, etc.

This project is proudly promoted by Legend & Genius Limited, owners of Agrobusiness Media & Consultancy, the Agro Project Administrators.
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Agro-Business Investment Overview

Cassava Grower
Cassava Grower

The massive cassava farming project is undertaken as a collaborative venture between the Wealth-Sure Global Resources Group and Mokk Investments Limited, the company representing a Brazilian agricultural firm that will finance the farming for all farmland Lease investors.
It is intended as Food Security and Family Empowerment programme, aimed at bridging the food scarcity gap while, at the same time, helping to assuage rising costs of food stuff in the local Nigerian market, today. This will then go a long way in making food available to many households, thereby ensuring food security, on one hand, and raising the standard of living cum per capita income of individuals, on the other.
On the broader level, with more families having access to affordable food supplies, which would checkmate severe hunger, want and neglect in the society, poverty index will be greatly narrowed, Just as crimes and social vices such as armed robbery, kidnapping, ritual killings, prostitution, banditry/gangsterism, vandalism, terrorism etc. will be substantially nipped in the bud.

Cost Implications/Hectares of Farmland

A. Cassava Production Project

The Wealth-Sure Group initiative of the Massive Cassava production imperative involves the following costs implication.

1 (a) Amount per Hectare – N10,000
(b) Individuals are expected to secure a minimum of 4 Hectares of land for N40,000 or a maximum of 10 Hectares of land for N100,000.

2. Management/Maintenance fee for:
4 Hectares is N10,000
6 Hectares – N15,000
8 Hectares – N20,000
10 Hectares – N25,000

3. Security fees are same as highlighted for 2 above.

4. Administrative fee – N10,000 flat.

Summary & Grand Totals of Investment:
4 Hectares – N70,000
5 Hectares – N85,000
6 Hectares – 100,000
7 Hectares – N115,000
8 Hectares – N130,000
9 Hectares – N145,000
10 Hectares – N160,000

B. Expected Minimum Profit/ 4 Hectares

Every 1 Hectare yields output of, at least, 20 tonnes Cassava at end of 10 months farming season. And Financing company buys all 20 tonnes at N10,000 per ton, giving N200,000 per Hectare.
Out of this amount, of N200,000, realized per Hectare, N140,000 Finance grant for farming is deducted, leaving a balance of N60,000 per Hectare to Land Investor, as expected minimum profit.
Therefore, for 4 Hectares, we have N60,000 X 4 = N240,000 minimum expected profit to be realized by Investor.
Plus, at least, 5 tonnes of Cassava realizable as extra output per Hectare and for 4 Hectares, giving 20 tonnes X N10,000 per ton giving an Extra N200,000.
Thus, Total Estimated profit for investor on 4 Hectares is N240,000 + 200,000 = N440,000.
For 5 Hectares it is, N300,000 + N250,000 = N550,000
For 6 Hectares it is, N360,000 + N300,000 = N660,000
For 7 Hectares it is, N420,000 + N350,000 = N770,000
For 8 Hectares it is, N480,000 + N400,000 = N880,000
For 9 Hectares it is, N540,000 + N450,000 = N990,000
For 10 Hectares it is, NN600,000 + N500,000 = N1,100, 000

Participation instruction: Pay the administrative fee of N10,000 into Legend & Genius Ltd, Union Bank account number, 0010630195 and bring teller to our office: Wealth-Sure Global Resources (a Mohlife Nig. Ltd Agro-Investment Initiative), 1st Floor, 123 Old Abeokuta Road, by Bestway Motors, Total, Agege, Lagos for confirmation and farmland site visits.

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