Global Development Network (GDN)

GDNet supports researchers working in developing countries by providing a range of funding information services carrying up-to-date news of grants, fellowships and other funding opportunities, specially selected for relevance to social science researchers. Further details of these services are given on this page. They also distribute a Newsletter.


List of Institutions that offer Awards, Grants, Fellowships or have Funding Agencies Lists.

Central Queensland University 

Australian Competitive Grants Register (ACGR)

They provide a list of funding opportunities.

Grantslink Directory, Australia

Looking for a grant from the Australian Government? GrantsLINK wil help you to find it.The site is updated on an ongoing basis.

Grants organised by categories, including agriculture and livestock.

European Agricultural Research for Development (EIARD)

Funding Information on Agricultural Research for Development – This funding directory is organized by target organizations, subject areas, activities, educational level and geographic options.

European Tropical Forest Research Network

Funding Opportunities – Funding is classified by regions in this site.

Funders Online

You can search the Funders Online directory at two level: simple, i.e. by name, country and/or website features; or advanced, i.e. by name, country, website features, subject/geographic/population focus and types of support provided. You can also search by making different combinations of all the above categories.

DAAD. German Academic Exchange Service. Campus Germany

Research and Fellowships offered by German institutions. Under the Research section they provide a list with links and a short description in English.

MORE, Mobility for Young Researchers in Central and Eastern Europe

It is a project set up to inform and advice young researchers from Central and Eastern Europe and Germany about European funding programmes to undertake doctoral and postdoctoral research.

Swedish South Asian Studies Network (SASNET)

Possibilities for funding research and education in studies on South Asia – It provides a list of institutions, mainly from Sweden, that fund research projects and offer grants.

UK Research Office (UKRO)

Up-to-date information and deadlines for research funding opportunities under the Sixth Framework Programme on Research and Technological Development.


Eurofunding Mag gives you all the latest news on European funding programmes and EU calls for proposals from all major european Institutions.

Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología (CONCYTEC), Peru – Becas y Subvenciones 

Becas para Estudios de Postgrado en Ciencia y Tecnología en Universidades Peruanas.

The Foundation Center

Search the annotated links to corporate foundations by subject or geographic keyword.

Philanthropy News Digest

International Grantmaker and Grantseeker Resources – This page is devoted to online resources in the field of international philanthropy.

This directory lists foundations and grantmakers by name. Users can scroll through their directory.

Fundsnet Services

It provides a directory with channels on grants and fundraising opportunities.


A searchable, continuously updated, database of funding opportunities in biomedical research and science education. It contains programs that offer training and research funding for graduate and medical students, postdoctoral fellows, and junior faculty, as well as programs in science, math, engineering, and technology for undergraduate faculty and students. Username and password needed.

Harvard University

Grants for Research or Thesis Preparation – A selected list of grants from the The Graduate Guide to Grants, an annual publication of the Harvard University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, in order to assist grantees who may need additional funding for research or thesis preparation.

McGill University

Funding Opportunities – The Office of International Research (OIR) makes all researchers aware of international project funding opportunities. Information is organized in three sections: current calls for proposals by order of application deadline; programs that accept proposals on an ad hoc basis; and other programs in support to research.

Michigan State University

Grants and Related Resources – The site illustrates the many types of indexes, directories, guides, databases, and other reference materials that are available to help you find your way through the funding maze.

Biological, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Financial Aid, Scholarships, Fellowships and Postdoctoral Awards are the main categories of this directory.

Society of Research Administrators International Grants Web (SRA)

It offers a very detailed list of funding opportunities. It takes into account the public o private character of the funding.

The Grantsmanship Center (TGCI)

It covers all aspects of researching grants, writing grant proposals and negotiating with funding sources. First offered in 1972 and continuously updated, this rigorous 5-day workshop was the first grantsmanship training ever offered.

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

Selected International Grants – Selected International grants, exchanges, fellowships, and collaborative research opportunities in Agriculture.

USDA Guide to Grants in International Forestry and Natural Resources

This guide contains a detailed description of grants, fellowships, and scholarships available to university students, scholars, and professionals seeking funding to undertake studies or research in forestry or natural resources.

Yahoo! Grant-making Foundations

The popular directory has devoted a page to specific funding in Agriculture.