Agriculture Remains Primary Source Of Livelihood For Nigerians — Notore CEO


Notore Group CEO Onajite Okoloko has said that agriculture is the primary source of livelihood for many Nigerians and that his company will continue to help farmers and other stakeholders in the agriculture sector to stay at the top of their game

He argued that Notore’s Catalyst Courses provide cutting-edge knowledge and techniques for farmers to make their businesses more efficient and boost their earning potential.

“Agriculture is the primary source of livelihood for many Nigerians who are increasingly collaborating with extension workers, supplying them with the education needed to apply scientific research to their farms, to improve crop quality. We work to train up these extension workers to help farmers succeed in our Catalyst Courses,” he said.

Notore originally launched its Catalyst Courses in Yola, during 2009, in partnership with Agricultural Development projects across Nigeria.

According to the CEO, the courses familiarise extension workers with innovative agricultural best practice, striving to introduce products and practices that produce better crop yields. The courses also supply the key knowledge needed to apply them on farms, allowing extension workers help Nigerian farmers unlock the door to the amazing wealth potential their lands hold.

Commenting on the success of the Catalyst Courses, Okoloko said: “Our projects are helping to transform Nigerian agricultural practises. Our Catalyst Courses proved extremely successful when first launched in Yola, giving extension workers the knowledge they need to help farmers help themselves prosper. With our help, extension workers have gone on to help farmers throughout Nigeria build better lives.”